Skincare, beauty and cosmetics – an industry that is worth £17 billion in the UK and is predicted to achieve a worldwide worth of $675 billion by 2020.

And, it’s an industry which has been the chosen career path for millions of people globally, none less than beauty bloggers.

Responsible for keeping their followers up-to-date with the latest trends, beauty influencers scout out the best beauty buys and, due to the influence they have on their followers’ purchasing decisions, naturally, brands are knocking on the doors of influencers.

One brand who has more than capitalised on the power of beauty influencers is Makeup Revolution.

Who Are Makeup Revolution?

A British trading company, Makeup Revolution is a globally recognised cosmetics brand who provide makeup, skincare and hair products.

Renowned for their inclusivity, Makeup Revolution products are extremely affordable and are focused on ensuring people of all genders, ethnicities, ages and locations can be a part of the revolution.

The brand’s Founder, Adam Minto, notes: “Makeup should not be elitist […] it shouldn’t be based on your ability or your willingness to pay more.”

And, where many budget brands lack in quality, they make up for it in price. Makeup Revolution is applauded for both their high standard of products and their money-saving credentials.

When they first launched in Superdrug stores in 2014, their arrival saw the brand get lots of media coverage, but it seemed that as soon as influencers got involved more people started to really stand up and pay attention.

How has Makeup Revolution grown using the help of influencers?

Makeup Revolution have never shied away from influencer marketing, and nor have they been discreet about it, but over the past two years, they have really ramped it up a gear having collaborated with some of the industry’s best and most well-known bloggers and influencers.

The likes of SophDoesNails, carmiMUA, nataliasiwiec.official and bellejorden have all teamed up with the brand and released their own palettes, lipsticks or highlighters. The collaborations worked in both the influencer and the brand’s favour. Makeup Revolution tapped into the influencers’ direct following and influencers gained credible progression in the beauty industry. A win-win.

Aside from their influencer collaboration collections, there is also one stand-out range from the brand which has had a leg up from influencers, everywhere.

The Conceal and Define concealer became a game-changer for beauty fans the world over – it reinforced the brand’s commitment to inclusivity coming in 25 shades, retailed at just £4 and it was being dubbed the ‘dupe’ of hugely popular Tarte’s £22 Shape Tape concealer.

It seemed once influencers helped to boost the brand awareness, a chain reaction followed. Simply type in ‘conceal and define’ into the search bar on YouTube and your scroller will just keep on rollin’ past the sea of reviews on the product.

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Such is the impact of Makeup Revolution products among the beauty blogging community. Thanks to their initial investment in influencers, the brand is finding it is actually now having to spend less on paid influencer adverts as now they are being featured on the merit that makeup enthusiasts genuinely just love their products.

What successes has the brand had since using influencers?

Between the years 2016-2017 Makeup Revolution rocketed, turning a £2,470,392.00 net worth sum into £11,553,058.00 in the space of just one year. And, is it a coincidence that the dramatic figures tie in with their increased involvement with influencers? We think not.

Initially exclusive to Superdrug, the hype surrounding the brand has also seen it spread its wings to online retailers such as Beauty Bay and US beauty store, Ulta– opening its availability to even more countries in the world.

In 2017 they won numerous awards including two at the Pure Beauty Awards for ‘Best New Lip Product’ and ‘Best New Eye Palette’, and this year, the awards kept on coming with the brand’s Conceal and Define range voted the ‘Best Concealer’ at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2018.

As makeup lovers eagerly await the next offering from Makeup Revolution, with their name now in lights everywhere, the likelihood is it will go down very well.


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