Forget skimming rocks, hopscotch and annoying siblings’ day-in-day-out, it seems today’s millennial kids have bigger fish to fry…

Having grown up in a world where technology is advancing around them every single day, and never actually knowing a world without social media, mobile phones or computers, kids today are extremely well-tuned in the digital world.

Influencer Matchmaker explores the next generation of social media stars whose out-of-school hobby is Instagramming and vlogging.

What are Kid Influencers?

We are all familiar with the term ‘influencers’ – social media gurus who make their living online. But, ‘kid influencers’ is a relatively new thing that refers to children under the age of 16 who have built/are building a presence on social media platforms.

To ensure their safety online, the majority of these kids’ platforms are run by their parents, who can monitor their followers, posts and comments. However, the off-the-cuff expressions, attitude and quirks that everyone finds endearing about kids are by no means edited.

What do Kid Influencers do?

Kid influencers do everything that we as social media users do, they upload content for their followers. However, they do it for hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions of followers.

These kids take their hobbies, whether it be sports, fashion or food, and share videos and images of them promoting and engaging in various activities to make for creative influencer campaigns. Whether they choose Instagram or YouTube, or both, to do it, these kids are extremely relatable to their age demographic.

Obviously, these under 16s are too young to call their social media uploads a ‘job’, but YouTube has to be fair with who it pays. The money that they make from their channel is looked after by their parents or guardians and some will likely go towards materials and props for more videos and content.

Who are The Top Kid Influencers to Watch Out For?

The rising trend of kid influencers has seen some fantastic influencers emerge who undoubtedly have a long an exciting social media life ahead of them.

But, to make your search for some of the best easier, we have selected three of our favourite small stars, all with big personalities…


Age: 10

Category: Toys and gaming

YouTube following: 9,339,342

Instagram following: 189k


Perhaps the most successful kid influencer is YouTuber, Toys and Me, was created by Nottingham-born Tiana Wilson and her parents. At just 10 years old she has had 2.1 billion views on videos and is well on track to getting her 10million Diamond Play Button – an achievement only 67 people in the world have achieved!

Viewers from across the globe tune into Tiana’s channel on a weekly basis to see her toy reviews, toy challenges and the latest shenanigans of the 10-year-old.

Yet more proof of her worldwide fame came when it was announced that Tiana would launch her own toy range ‘toys and me’ which are available to buy in national stores such as Smyths Toys, Debenhams and The Entertainer to name but a few.


Age: 9

Category: Sport, fashion and lifestyle

YouTube following: 1,155,301

Instagram following: 281k


Lorenzo Greer or Tekkerz Kid as he is known to his YouTube and Instagram fans, has built an impressive social media following – all before turning 10!

Via his Instagram platform, which is run by his parents, Lorenzo posts images and videos of his day-to-day life which includes playing as part of Birmingham City’s U10 football squad.

He also uses his Instagram to cross-promote to his YouTube channel – the platform where his obsession with social media began. The content he uploads to YouTube, which includes unboxing the latest toys, reviewing football boots and football tutorials, draws in a young demographic of football fans.


Age: 11

Category: Music, travel and fashion

YouTube following: 561,771

Instagram following: 478k


Born in Essex, Rosie McClelland is an extremely talented singer and is using her social media presence to help boost her music career too, covering some of her favourite artists on her YouTube channel.

Rosie’s Instagram is a place that allows her to give her followers an insight into her family holidays, her latest outfit trends and clips of her recording music. Such is her worldwide fame, she has appeared on television shows including the Ellen Show and Loose Women.

Her mother, Danielle, who manages the 11-year old’s platform, helps Rosie with her photography ensuring the perfect snaps are taken.

With some of her music videos already raking in some 1 million views, Rosie is certainly one to watch now and in the future!


Age: 13

Category: Fashion, beauty and lifestyle

YouTube following: 436,006

Instagram following: 253k


MiaFizz, or Mia’s Life as she posts under, is just your average 13-year-old, except she has hundreds of thousands of friends! By friends, we mean followers who all tune into her YouTube channel and scroll through her Instagram profile to find out what she is up to.

Followers of Mia can expect to see regular adventures with her friends, holiday snaps, and lots of selfies on her Instagram, while her YouTube sees her upload beauty reviews, make up tutorials, shopping hauls, challenge videos and ‘favourites’ videos.