And just like that, the three weeks of bushtucker trials and rice and beans have come to an end, and we all have to wait another year before we can watch celebrities in the Australian jungle again.

Ant and Dec have also provided another year of hilarious hosting, entertaining the nation and adding in their witty remarks that we all love. 

This year saw the return to the jungle after a couple of years in the Welsh castle, and we were happy to see the original set up back on our screens.

As expected, there were gruelling trials overflowing with critters, and the eating trials did not disappoint. The celebrities all showed their resilience, some more than others, and showed their best efforts to earn as many stars as possible for camp. 

This year, it was also a pleasure to watch the friendships blossom between the campmates, with Mike and Sue becoming the mum and dad of camp, and everyone making sure that Owen had enough food!

However, it’s always fun to watch tension brew, and with a fiery character like Boy George, it was inevitable that drama might occur and arguments might arise.

Another fun aspect of watching the celebrities in the jungle is monitoring their follower counts and how much they increase during their time on the show, and below we have explored who is the king or queen of social media with the final 3 contestants! 

Matt Hancock 

Matt’s journey in the jungle was a slightly different one, with the political backlash and varying opinions following his decision to become a contestant. His fellow campmates also struggled accepting his reasons for entering the jungle, and he faced lots of heated political discussions as a result.

However, Matt still managed to get involved, impressing us all with his trials and overcoming his fear of snakes – although he definitely enjoyed his time as camp leader, sitting back and sleeping comfortably in the RV! Despite many contrasting views on the politician, Matt earned a 38.59% increase in followers on Instagram after appearing in the jungle and made it to third place in this year’s series.

Owen Warner 

Owen melted our hearts with his fun, kind and eager character, and he was always up for a trial – mostly so he could win plenty of stars for his rumbling stomach! He got on with everyone in camp, offering a listening ear when he could and taking on cooking lessons from fellow campmates.

It is no surprise that Owen’s following grew, increasing by a whopping 67.14% on Instagram, since his time in the jungle. Already a popular social media star from his career in Hollyoaks, Owen is simply climbing the ranks and will no doubt be an even more popular celebrity and influencer after coming second in this year’s series. 

Jill Scott 

Jill became an immediate favourite amongst viewers after her personality quickly began to shine through, with her witty comments and fun-loving nature. She was always a ray of sunshine in camp, looking for the positives and up for a laugh – as well as up for a game of football with any makeshift ball she could find! 

As such a big personality in camp, impressing us all with her efforts in trials and getting stuck into camp life where possible, it’s no surprise that Jill made a massive 80.07% increase in followers on Instagram after appearing in the jungle, meaning not only has she become the new queen of the jungle, but also the new queen of social media!

What’s Next?

After their time in camp, the celebrities usually thrive in their careers with their increased followings, particularly after viewers have been able to see them on a more personal level.

With such an incredible line up, it was no surprise that this year was another fabulous series of I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! With extreme trials, camp friendships and the nation’s favourite duo never failing to make us laugh, we can’t wait for next year’s series and to see what 2023 has in store for this year’s contestants! 

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