BeReal is a new form of social media that’s achieved rapid growth, becoming a hit with Gen Z and Millennials. Since its release in 2020, the app gained significant popularity, particularly during 2022. It has been downloaded an impressive 7.67M times, continuing to grow and progress as a top social media platform.

Its alternative approach has made BeReal a social media phenomenon. Not only this, but it opens opportunities for brands to connect with their customers in a different format to the usual style, creating avenues for increased authenticity and transparency with their customers.

This is where influencers can step in and heighten the credibility of the brand, able to promote products as naturally as possible through BeReal. Throughout their journey of building up a platform with sought after content, they will have earned a loyal following across their social media accounts, meaning that these followers are likely to find them on BeReal, too.

So, the combination of the best matched influencer to reflect your brand with their honest opinion, on a social media platform that encourages authentic posting, is the ideal recipe for a well put together marketing campaign.

How does BeReal work?

You may be wondering, what is BeReal?

It’s an app that attempts to step away from filters and ads, creating an authentic and positive feel that aims to tackle issues with ‘perfection’ that are born from social media.

The app works by encouraging users to post once a day during a two-minute window where everyone is notified at a random time, every day, to post. This allows users to catch a glimpse into the daily life of their friends from a real-time perspective, without videos, filters or likes distorting reality.

You can also only see other people’s posts once you’ve posted your own, preventing endless scrolling before you’ve engaged with the app yourself.

BeReal has managed to achieve the unimaginable, with a spontaneous approach to social media. These positive changes bode well for tackling mental health issues linked with people who spend expansive amounts of time on social media.

How does BeReal work for business?

With the lack of ability to plan content with BeReal due to its authentic and spontaneous nature, it may seem an unlikely choice of social media platform for brands to choose to advertise themselves.

However, the use of BeReal for businesses’ marketing efforts can be a very effective approach, for several reasons:

  • It adds to your authenticity as a business with a raw marketing approach

  • You can connect with customers through a less calculated marketing strategy

  • The app has no ads, so your posts can promote you as a humanised entity rather than an advert

The food chain, Chipotle, has taken to marketing on BeReal. It posted a discount code on the app, which gave the first 100 people to use it a free meal. It has embraced this style of content, and is one of the brands on BeReal that has not shied away from the nature of the app.

If your brand is in need of a boost, adopting a campaign that uses the benefits of BeReal to strengthen its reputation as a genuine brand, along with a trusted, popular influencer to share the content to the desired audience, can generate those all-important results.

This would allow you target the audience who is most likely very receptive to recommendations from their favourite influencer, meaning you are able to filter your marketing to those specific channels and platforms where influencers have their most engaging followers – and Bereal is the up-and-coming platform for brands to do this!

The birth of TikTok Now

Social media giant, TikTok, has even recognised the success of BeReal, creating its own similar feature, TikTok Now. TikTok Now and BeReal both require users to post once they have been notified, capturing true moments.

The fact that an app as successful as TikTok has adopted BeReal’s format demonstrates how much users enjoy the twist on content sharing. The refreshing style has allowed users to have a more relaxed approach to content sharing, and it also bodes well for businesses.

Influencers have invested time and effort into curating strong relationships with their followers, in order to be viewed as a likeable, friendly user with genuine content.

This, mixed with the nature of TikTok Now, would ensure the marketing of your product appears as authentic as possible, as well as being able to target the best suited audience who are also willing to receive product recommendations from their favourite influencer.

You can become one of the next brands on BeReal

If you would like to break the marketing mould and become a trusted, authentic business on social media, we can help you find the perfect influencer to boost this marketing campaign. Get in touch with us to get started!