Whether you’re looking at strong, independent and entrepreneurial women to inspire you, or if you’re a brand looking for a new partner, then this list of inspirational women has got you covered. 

We are no longer living in a world dominated by men in suits, but a much more equal one. We are surrounded by successful men and women, and at Influencer Matchmaker, we are here for all thing’s equality.

Here are six feminist influencers to inspire you, motivate you, or even help your brand to raise awareness and potentially increase sales.

Carly Rowena 

Although recognised as a parenting and fitness influencer, Carly Rowena is constantly flying the flag for women everywhere.

Encouraging independence, Carly is a great source of positivity, motivation and inspiration. With content that sets her apart from the rest, Carly often discusses topics that may be deemed taboo subjects. Sex, self-love, body confidence, the difficulties of parenthood and marriage, to name but few.

Not afraid to speak out and raise awareness on a number of incredibly important topics, Carly is your virtual best-friend and life coach. Carly honestly explores life as a mother and wife, and the importance of doing things for yourself and not forgetting who you are as a woman.

If you’re a consumer looking for some advice or motivation, or if you’re a brand looking for an influencer to represent your brand in a beautifully honest way, then Carly would be the perfect match. 

Chessie King 

The QUEEN of all things positivity and female empowerment, Chessie is a hugely popular influencer that will be sure to inspire both consumers and brands alike. 

Making sure that women everywhere know that they’re bodies are so much more than just a size, or a number on the scales, Chessie regularly shares all of the things that her body helps her to achieve.

From dancing, to exercising, loving and just living, Chessie is a keen believer in being kind to our bodies for all that it allows us to do. A mentality I think many of us should adopt! 

Using her voice and platform to support and empower people, Chessie King would make for the perfect brand partner. 

Grace Victory 

Keen to be her true self despite any societal expectations, Grace Victory is a powerful voice amongst women from all around the world.

Known for imparting her wisdom and inspiring words about therapy, trauma, sex, diet culture, racism and self-love, Grace is one of the most popular online creators and influencers of our time.

Using past experiences to help others, Grace is completely selfless and a true girl power warrior. As she says, empowered women, empower women. 

Ashley James 

A firm believer in keeping it real in both the real-world and online, Ashley James is one of the most empowering women on Instagram, making her an ideal match for brands looking to raise awareness of similar topics, products or services. 

After all, she is an empowerment coach. Helping and encouraging women to feel comfortable in their bodies, with no editing or filters, Ashley is keen to share the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

A role model to many, but particularly to young girls and women, Ashley is aware of the pressures that come with social media and for that reason, her content stands out from the rest.

Ashley also discusses women not needing to find a man (or woman) by a certain age, and to not feel pressured that ‘time is ticking away’ and that we’re still able to find happiness independently.

Camilla Thurlow 

Everyone’s favourite Love Islander, Camilla worked in Explosive Ordnance Disposal before finding love in the villa.

Far from your typical reality TV star, Camilla is a people person and has spent many years working in a dangerous environment as well as helping out a number of important charities. Proving that women don’t always have to have traditional female careers, Camilla is a feminist and inspiration to thousands. 

With a brand-new book, Camilla describes ‘Not the Type’ as a debut female empowerment memoir. Camilla is the perfect partner for brands looking to increase brand awareness about important female topics and related products or services. 

Grace Beverley 

Living proof that women really can do it all, Grace Beverley founded not one, but three businesses whilst completing her degree at the University of Oxford.

Now taking charge of the fitness industry completely independently, Grace is an inspiration to everyone. Named first in Forbes 30 under 30’s retail and e-commerce list at the young age of just 23, there isn’t anything that Grace can’t do.

Flying the flag for young female entrepreneurs, Grace is a force to be reckoned with. Using her online platform and thriving business to encourage others to go green and live more sustainably, Grace would make the perfect partner for brands with the same values and ethos.

Well, what an inspiring selection of feminist influencers! It’s great to see our social media feeds filled with positive and empowering women, empowering other women. More and more people seem to be striving for equality and independence and it is incredible to see.

Are you interested in collaborating with a strong and independent female influencer? If so, our team of matchmaking experts are here to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.