Deciding to work with an influencer to boost reach, sales and branding is a no-brainer, but choosing the right influencer needs a little more thought and research. We have put together a checklist of the six most important factors to consider when choosing the perfect influencer to work with.


It is natural to be drawn to the big names, but it is worth considering whether spending thousands on a macro influencer will be as beneficial as spreading your marketing budget across several micro influencers – these have smaller audiences, but larger trust among their followers.


Your chosen influencers’ audience needs to match the target market for the product or service they will be promoting.


Influencers cannot promote items which are not in line with their personal brand, it makes them look false and gives the brand a negative reputation.


Influencer partnerships need to be a two-way deal. Target influencers who will genuinely benefit from the product, so that they are best positioned to talk about it in a positive way.


Everyone has a price. So, make sure that you expect realistic returns on investment and research into the costs of services offered before committing.

Risk assessment

The best strategies take everything into consideration – including the potential for a future crisis. Consider the behaviour of influencers carefully. Is there a chance that their actions could backfire? Alternatively, if your brand is more niche, maybe a more daring influencer is just the right match!

While there may be other criteria to consider, which will come down to the market, sector and industry your business operates in, these six basic considerations should cover the major bases when it comes to choosing an influencer to promote your brand, products or services.


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