Offering a glimpse of the world's most exotic destinations, travel vloggers enable viewers to see the world from the comfort of their own homes. The popularity of travel vlogs has led to the emergence of numerous travel vloggers, many of which have turned their online celebrity into a career as a content creator. Here's our rundown of the best travel vloggers to inspire your next getaway.

1. The Blonde Abroad

As the creator of the well-known travel blog The Blonde Abroad, American-born female travel vlogger Kiersten Rich is the perfect candidate to start off our list. Having initially taken a hiatus from her career in wealth management, it wasn't long before Kiersten's wanderlust opened up the way for a full-time career in travel.

Since then, Kiersten has touched down in a staggering 70 countries, covering hundreds of thousands of miles over the course of her travels. Providing a unique perspective on solo female travel and some great travel tips, it's no surprise that Kiersten's platform has found an international audience. Backed by thousands of followers across various social media channels, Kiersten's inspirational content has even caught the attention of media outlets such as Marie Claire and Business Insider.

2. How Far From Home

Stevo and Chanel are the trailblazing duo behind the popular travel platform How Far From Home. Having set out on a mission to travel as far away from home as possible, the duo soon came to document their travels in the form of vlogs. Whether they're skinny dipping in Iceland, tasting local cuisine in Poland or dancing with the Maasai tribe in Kenya, the duo's creativity shines through by the way their share their travel story and their love for travel.

The potential of Stevo and Chanel's platform has successfully caught the attention of numerous well-known brands. To date, they have already worked with the likes of Honda and Donkey Republic, cementing their popularity with an incredibly wide audience.

3. Mr. Ben Brown

From the mountains of Wales to the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, Ben Brown's travel videos are as versatile as they are entertaining. Both his Instagram and YouTube channels are all about telling stories, and his passion for filmmaking and photography has helped him capture incredible moments for his viewers to enjoy.

Some of Ben's most popular content includes his incredible footage of his Arctic cruise, which saw him travel to the Arctic alongside the likes of astronaut Chris Hadfield. The resulting YouTube series helped to establish his name as one of the Internet's most original content creators, paving the way for numerous successful brand collaborations.

4. Fun For Louis

English filmmaker and travel fanatic Louis Cole is one of the UK's top travel vloggers, taking viewers along with him on his many adventures across the globe. Boasting in excess of 305 million YouTube channel views and more than 2 million subscribers, Louis' travel-related content continues to capture the imagination of his audience.

Louis has embarked on countless fascinating adventures since starting his channel. Apart from cycling from London to Africa, Louis has also successfully achieved his dream of flying around the world. As such, Louis is quite the inspiration for those wanting to enjoy their very own traveling adventure.

5. Damon and Jo

Last but by no means least, iconic travel duo Damon and Jo have unquestionably made their mark on the travel vlogging world. Documenting their travels across social media, the 'Shut Up and Go', the duo create fascinating video content that appeals to all manner of travel enthusiasts.

Aside from traveling to destinations such as Mexico, Palestine and France, Damon and Jo have built a reputation for providing unique insight into travel in all its aspects. From language tutorials to Q&As and everything in between, Damon and Jo take pride in motivating their viewers to go out into the world and discover it for themselves.

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