1. Topic

First things first, you should write about a topic that really stirs your passions and sparks your imagination. To be a successful blogger, you must have a vast knowledge and a genuine interest in what you’re writing about. However, as there’s so much competition now in the beauty blogging sphere, you must be unique.

Perhaps you have an impressive makeup collection you want to tell others about or maybe you want to share your personal makeup tips, just keep it honest and make it yours. If you have your own take on things, your enthusiasm will be infectious – and hopefully spread into the beauty stratosphere.

2. Target Audience

Next, you should decide on your target audience. Being clear about who you’re aiming at will help determine the best kind of content to create and the most suitable products and techniques you want to review or discuss.


There’s a huge range of people who read beauty blogs, ranging from the ages of 15-65, so you need to relate to your readers just as much as you need them to relate to you.

3. Interaction

Interacting through social media is one of the main ways influencers gain readership. Link up your blog with Twitter and Instagram, so that you can promote yourself and create relationships with other influencers – make a conscious effort to comment on their content, retweet it and ‘like’ other bloggers' posts. Don’t forget to use hashtags and professional looking images to promote your own content even more!

4. Commitment

The idea that blogging is quick and delivers an easy lifestyle is a common misconception. Success doesn’t come overnight – you need to be committed and regular well-written posts are a must.

As much as setting up a blog is an exciting venture, you must remember that patience is a virtue. Take Zoella. Her blog first launched in February 2009 and it’s taken eight years to build up over seven million followers across all her platforms.

5. Pairing

A key tactic in successful beauty marketing is pairing the right brand with the right personality. In the digital world of today influencers are the new models for beauty brands such as L’Oréal and Rimmel.


Big brands are paying big bucks for the big influencers, commissioning everything from straight-up reviews to professional-looking videos and ambassadorial contracts. Building up a successful blog is the first step in turning yourself into a trusted and authentic social media influencer.

There are several great reasons to start a beauty blog. It can improve your writing skills, connect you with wonderful new people, open up career opportunities or even lead to you inspiring others. So, if you’re thinking about starting a blog, what’s stopping you?


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