Instagram is no longer a platform that is only home to humans - don’t worry we’re not saying aliens have invaded the platform - but there are some fluffy little characters that are starting to dominate peoples’ feeds.

That’s right, we are talking about the rise of Insta-famous pets. Coming in all species, breeds, and levels of cuteness, they are making their way onto Instagram and growing a huge online following. These Petfluencers, as they have affectionately been dubbed, are providing the laughs and addictive feeds that human’s Instagrams just cannot provide.

Our pets provide love, comfort and never pass judgement when all we want to do is watch Netflix in our pyjamas, all day long. But, what happens when your pet becomes just as famous as a celeb on the red carpet?

Well, the pets quite obviously, (unless they are freakishly talented), don’t use their paws to post, and so their owners are the creatives behind the accounts and the ones who reap the rewards.

Take 29-year-old Tabatha Bundesen. She’s probably a name that if it was dropped into conversation alone you probably wouldn’t recognise. However, what if we said Tabatha Bundesen, owner of THE Grumpy Cat?

After she posted a picture of Felix Catus cat, or Tardar Sauce to use his pre-fame name, on social media back in 2012, her pet became an internet sensation. Since rising to fame, Tardar’s grumpy face, which is due to an underbite, has been made into multiple memes, merchandise, and even lead to him becoming a brand ambassador and being made into a movie.

So, how has Bundesen benefitted? Well, how’s the net worth of $100 million tickle your fancy.

We see you. You’re now looking at your pet, desperately looking for a stand-out feature or characteristic, aren’t you? And, unsurprisingly, you’re not alone in that.

Grumpy Cat has very much opened the door of opportunity for other Petfluencers to emerge, many of which have become established to significant recognition.

At Influencer Matchmaker we are here to give you the lowdown on the 10 most famous pets on Instagram, and why you need to get following them now…


1. @JiffPom – 8.9 Million Instagram Followers

So, we can’t talk about the most famous pets on Instagram without quite literally mentioning THE most famous of them all.

With three Guinness World Records to his name and friends that include the likes of Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, Jiff is an adorable Pomeranian dog famed for his perfectly pruned hair and teddy bear-like features.

Each snap is as cute as the next and documents his day-to-day life which includes public appearances, meet and greets and dining out with his owner.

2. @itsdougthepug – 3.6 Million Instagram Followers

Doug the Pug is adored all over the world and has a red-carpet line-up of friends such as Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and John Legend. His passion for fashion has made for some comical posts and has seen the likes of Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed and TIME featuring him in their pages.

His owners place him in all kinds of relatable scenarios for his fans. Some of our favourites have included Friday night wine nights and tired mornings. This year Doug also visited some famous landmarks across Europe including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Arc de Triomphe making for some hilarious selfies.

3. @nala_cat – 3.7 Million Instagram Followers

Not just your average cat, Nala is a Siamese/Tabby mix and like Jiff, has a Guinness World Record for being The Most Popular Cat on Instagram.

With very animated features, including dilated looking eyes, and a cheeky personality, Nala has worked with a number of pet brands such as Halo, PetArmor, Pretty Litter, and CBDMD.

Certainly not a camera-shy pet, the feed showcases all of Nala’s angles including some cute dress-up snaps as well as some, well, questionable close-ups.

4. @juniperfoxx – 2.5 Million Instagram Followers

Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed – literally – Juniper is a tame North American red fox with a happy go lucky personality. Rescued from a fur farm she is a beautiful creature with some unique quirks.

Having captured the hearts of people around the world, Juniper even has her own calendar, an anti-fur range of sweaters and a book that documents her life from cub to star of Instagram.

Living in a house full of exotic rescues, Juniper’s day to day life includes causing mischief with her best friend and fellow fox, Fig and boyfriend Moose an Australian Shepherd.

5. @realgrumpycat – 2.4 Million Instagram Followers

We have already touched on Grumpy Cat, but as one of the originals and with a huge number of followers, he couldn’t not make it into the list could he?

What started out at as an innocent post from his owners’ brother wanting to show his followers on Instagram the cat’s grumpy face, has now resulted into a spectacular story and global fame.

Grumpy’s less than impressed face broke the internet and what followed was a surge in grumpy cat memes, animations, artwork, clothing and books. Most recently he has featured on the cover of Readers Digest.

6. @realdiddykong – 1 Million Instagram Followers

Away from the fluffy, and onto the cheeky - and what could be cheekier than a monkey?

A baby marmoset who was adopted by humans in Miami, Diddy Kong’s following soared after a video of him having a bath was uploaded. The feature that has made this little dude such a sensation? His huge grin from ear to ear of course.

Since his adoption, Diddy has been joined by fellow marmoset, Yeti and together the two get up to some hilarious mischief.

7. @pumpkintheraccoon – 1.5 Million Instagram Followers

You probably wouldn’t think of a raccoon as being a domestic pet, but, rescued Bahamian, Pumpkin, is living her best life. Her inquisitive nature is brought to life through her Instagram.

What got her into our list, was not only her vast following, but the fact that she’s an animal we can all relate to – likes eating, a lot, and enjoys nothing more than a good snooze.

A funny feed, you won’t be able to stop scrolling as Pumpkin is often joined by some unexpected friends too.

8. @hamlet_the_piggy – 346K Instagram Followers

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home and this little piggy loves nothing more than playing dress up…

Hamlet the pig lives with loving human parents in Nashville and leads a very colourful life. From a pirate to a ninja turtle, Hamlet’s Insta feed is a must for anyone needing a little pick me up. Just try not to be jealous of his huge collection of wigs and headdresses.

Behind the hilarious feed is Melanie, who was gifted Hamlet as therapy. Following breakthrough seizures, Melanie suffered from depression and Hamlet brought her some much-needed love and companionship.

9. @ludwik_guinea_pig – 248K Instagram Followers

Ok, so Ludwik might be a bit like marmite – you will either love him or hate him.

A hairless guinea pig, Ludwik was abandoned before his human adopted him. Now, he has moved onto bigger and brighter things. His owner adores him and has created a feed that is inspirational, cute and oh so creative.

 Whether you find him cute, or a bit creepy, you can’t help but smile at some of his on-point snaps that include posing with some miniature props.

10. @lionelthehog – 134K Instagram Followers

Basically Beatrix Potter’s Mrs Tiggy-Winkle in real life, Lionel is just one ball of prickly cuteness.

While he is tenth on our list in following, his Instagram is by far one of our favourites and brought actual tears to our eyes as we scrolled through it. Perfectly round and full of character his owner has made his feed cheerful, colourful and really addictive.

This little fella has also influenced an entire website of clothing merchandise for men, women and kids, as well as homewear and accessories such as phone cases, water bottles and even beach towels.

While their stardom is a huge benefit to both their owners and the brands that work with them, these little animals continue to bring happiness and laughter to all of their followers. We can’t wait to see what other Insta-famous pets emerge in the coming years and how brands will continue to work with them.

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