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About The Backpack Kid...

Russell Horning, more commonly known online as The Backpack Kid, is an American social media personality best known for his dancing skills.

Rising to fame back in 2016, Russell went viral for his ‘floss’ dancing move. Picking up attention from music icon Rihanna, Russell went viral, which led to him earning the title ‘The Backpack Kid’ due to him always carrying his signature backpack whilst performing.

After legendary singer Katy Perry acknowledged Russell’s dancing skills, he ended up featuring in one of her singing performances on Saturday Night Live, doing his iconic ‘floss’ move whilst wearing the backpack and keeping a straight face the whole way through.

Fast forward to today and Russell is continuing to make funny videos as well as music. Currently he is enrolled at Nick Conti’s Professional Actors Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, as he perfects his craft of dancing and acting.

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