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About Tabitha Clifft...

Tabitha Clifft is a model, entrepreneur, Certified Integrated Nutritionist, health coach and reality TV star, who rose to fame on Netflix’s hottest reality dating show, Too Hot To Handle. Reaching the final of the second series alongside fellow contestant Chase DeMoor, Tabitha left a great impression in the tropical Turks and Caicos villa, which led to her growing an incredible social media presence.

Dropping in halfway through the series as a bombshell contestant, Tabitha made an explosive entrance as she arrived on the island on the back of a jet ski. Now, Tabitha dedicates her time to her social media pages and her newly founded brand, The Glow Wellness Club.

A Certified Integrated Nutritionist and health coach, Tabitha obtained her certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition back in the June of 2020, and now uses her knowledge and qualification in order to build her brand. An exclusive club, Tabitha’s brand is tailored to women who are focusing on a mind-body-soul transformation, actively seeking community connection.

Tabitha’s mission to help others stems from her previous experience of living with body dysmorphia. As a result of comments outing her as “too skinny”, Tabitha suffered with many insecurities and anxiety.

Now, having grown an active community, Tabitha uses her large platform to help others who are in similar positions, aiming to change their lives for the better.

An inspiration and helping hand to many, Tabitha would be a great health & fitness influencer to help promote your upcoming marketing campaign!

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