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Steven Carter-Bailey appeared on the 8th season of The Great British Bake Off, which saw him reach the final. Since his stint on the show, Steven has gone on to further his baking career and become a well-known national favourite, amassing a large following across his social media pages.

Steven grew up in the kitchen, watching his mum both cook and bake. This sparked his passion, and ever since he has been working hard and perfecting his skills. Before applying to be on the show, Steven worked in corporate marketing for many years, but he then plucked up the courage to step inside the famous Bake Off tent. 

Even though Steven didn’t win the competition, he managed to be awarded three star baker awards on his journey to the final. And in the 2019 new year’s special, Great New Year Bake Off, Steven returned to showcase his amazing talent once again. He went on to reach the final and this time came out on top, being crowned the winner. 

Since his time in the tent, Steven has ventured into all sorts of work including regularly appearing at food festivals, where he takes part in live demonstrations that show the audience fun and tasty recipes. He has also become a teacher at prestigious Leith’s school of food and wine, inspiring a new generation of avid bakers.

Steven explored the skill of presenting, when not only did he present his own radio show, but also appeared on ITV’s London News as a special reporter, exploring London’s vibrant and diverse bakeries. 

Steven is now a host of his own podcast, Feed My Curiosity. The show sees the baker invite big names from the food & drink industry to discuss their lives. From their childhood and upbringing stories about how they fell in love with food to what they do now with their skills. 

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