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About Stefanie Williams...

Stefanie Williams is a London-based fitness model and influencer who has amassed an incredible following across a number of social media platforms. Best known for her in-depth workout and dieting videos, Stefanie is now the owner and founder of an online fitness business where she shares her great motivation with everyone online.

Growing up in Bristol, Stefanie never took to academics at school, but as soon as it came to sports, Stefanie came alive. Having a great passion for hockey, Stefanie loved playing as part of a team, particularly the aspect of supporting each other and creating a small community built on both trust and friendship.

A successful sports player, Stefanie played hockey for the Welsh International Team for a number of years before getting injured and stopping exercising for a while.

After that, Stefanie picked up exercise again back in 2016 when she got into the gym and decided to become a fitness instructor. A reignited passion for working out and fitness was presence, so Stefanie decided to start posting her journey as well as advice to her social media pages, sharing her passion with like-minded individuals, helping and motivating them to reach their fitness goals.

Fast forward to today and Stefanie has definitely established herself as a renowned fitness personality and uses her influencer to inspire her ever-growing following to become their fittest selves.

Having already worked with a number of well-established brands and having a large following of warm and engaging individuals, Stefanie would be a great influencer to help you in your next marketing campaign!

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