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About Nathan Lorenzo...

Nathan Lorenzo is a TikTok sensation best known for his hilarious skits, which has resulted in him becoming a popular entertaining influencer who has amassed an incredibly large and loyal fanbase.

Posting TikToks that joke about working in retailer giant Tesco and the various customer service encounters he can and has experienced whilst at work, Nathan creates POV (point of view) style videos as a staff member interacting with customers. The hilarious skits often generate lots of engagement, but one clip led Nathan to achieve viral status...

Most known for his video where he filmed himself recording a customer announcement in the store, Nathan started off the announcement with referring to the customers as his “pumpkins”. In the video, you can hear Nathan’s manager in the background shouting at Nathan to make him stop, however he continues regardless.

Nathan then ends the announcement with: “we will be closing in the next ten minutes. So, if you can all select those final items, grab the bottle of red and foxtrot down to our checkouts.”

Nathan’s fun and quirky approach to his job has lightened up viewers’ feeds, and Nathan has a reason for his positive approach to content. Nathan has a long-term health condition where he suffers with ulcerative colitis, meaning he now uses a stomach bag.

This has led him to adopting a positive outlook on life, making the most of his situation, which includes making the most of his job! Nathan is also an aspiring actor, and with his TikTok portfolio of multiple sketches, he is heading in the right direction!

We look forward to seeing how Nathan’s career blossoms as a popular influencer and entertainer!

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