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About Mr. Wholesome...

Mr. Wholesome is a hilarious content creator best known for patrolling the streets of Nottingham, asking members of the public questions that are perceived to be common knowledge. Providing unusual responses, Mr. Wholesome exposes individuals and leaves viewers in stitches after catching people out.

With his interview style videos proving to be a hit, Mr. Wholesome has a range of TikTok series including ‘Worst Secret’, which involves the person telling Mr. Wholesome and his massive audience a secret that nobody knows about them. A second series on his TikTok page involves teaching tourists British slang, which make great and highly engaging videos.

Being an interview connoisseur, Mr. Wholesome capitalised on the hit trend which involved someone stopping another person in the street, who was wearing headphones, and asking them what song they were listening to. Doing this in the streets of Nottingham, Mr. Wholesome’s videos did very well and saw him expand his online following and digital reach.

Looking to always improve his social media pages and brand, Mr. Wholesome has entered the world of YouTube. Posting extended videos of his viral TikTok clips, Mr. Wholesome’s YouTube channel is a fast-growing platform, which will no doubt continue to grow into a great platform for him.

Having already collaborated with a number of brands successfully and being keen to expand his online presence, Mr. Wholesome is the perfect influencer to assist your latest marketing campaign!

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