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About Maisie Crompton...

Maisie Crompton is a 20-year-old TikTok star, a first-time mum and successful business owner who utilises her social media fame and platforms to document her experience throughout her pregnancy. 

The former supermarket worker has amassed an impressive following across all her social media pages, including her 81.7k+ followers on TikTok with an outstanding 4.2 million+ total likes. What’s more, Maisie continues to grow in popularity on Instagram and YouTube, too. 

Maisie’s content usually consists of vlogs, pregnancy-related videos, clothing and shopping hauls as well as her popular TikTok series ‘bumpdates’. Her Instagram is used predominantly to showcase what she gets up to in her busy life, sharing snippets of her holidays and days out. 

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Maisie decided to turn a hobby into a business venture. And, after borrowing just £25 off her grandparents, Maisie created slogan tote bags and therefore a business, which she named ‘Totes for You’.

Now, alongside her work as a popular lifestyle and parenting influencer, Maisie has branched out to selling not only slogan tote bags but clothing, stationary, prints, notebooks and planners, too.

There is no doubt that Maisie’s caring and loving personality will help her to continuously grow her following as well as her business.

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