YouTube Influencers

As the biggest online video platform worldwide, YouTube provides a huge platform for promoting your brand to new customers.

Every day millions of users access YouTube to watch the latest updates and vlogs from the world’s biggest YouTube Influencers. From gaming experts to parenting or beauty bloggers, users can access and watch engaging content from an array of leading social media influencers. 

At Influencer Champions, we help brands to connect with the audience that matters most. We specialise in working with influencers to deliver original marketing campaigns. We focus on creating a powerful partnership for your brand and ensure each campaign makes a real difference to your business growth.

One of the great advantages of YouTube influencers is that fans feel personally connected to their favourite personalities. Both relating and aspiring to their lifestyle, fans withhold a sense of loyalty and trust in what they learn from their favourite YouTube channel. With their loyal followers and audience reach in the millions, YouTube influencers provide the perfect introduction to new customers and a whole new marketplace. 

Working with some of the industry’s biggest YouTube stars, we specialise in creating partnerships that maintain authenticity to both brands and influencers. We focus on finding the right influencer for your brand and campaign to ensure we maximise the impact and drive real results.



With direct access to millions of daily active users, a YouTube Influencer can make a real impact on your brand within a matter of minutes. By featuring your products in a short video or promotional vlog, they can expose your brand to millions of loyal fans who can instantly visit your website or purchase your products.

When it comes to finding the right audience, YouTube has no limits. Influencers have 24-hour access to users of all ages from around the world. So with one simple advert, brands can take their products into new countries and grow their business internationally. 

Introducing a human element into your marketing campaigns, influencers create powerful connections with millions of potential customers. By sharing their love for your brand and products, they start turning potential customers into valuable brand advocates.



With access to an international network of top YouTube influencers, we enable brands to find the perfect brand advocates. Whether it is for a long or short-term basis, we take the time to understand exactly what your brand is about so we can deliver the best results from every campaign.

Working with leading YouTube stars in key industries like beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness, we help brands of all shapes and sizes. Our team is dedicated to finding the right vloggers or micro-influencers to ensure you connect with the right audience at the right time.

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