Twitter Influencers

Deemed as the world’s largest online conversation, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms today. Created by a live and vibrant community, full of gifs, hashtags and engaging tweets, Twitter is the perfect place to introduce your brand to new customers and a new marketplace.

At Influencer Champions, we work with leading international Twitter influencers to deliver original and exciting campaigns. We specialise in building relationships that not only put your products in front of the right audience but stays true to who you are as a brand.

By creating bespoke campaigns and finding the best twitter influencers, we maximise the impact and support your business in achieving its goals.

As an effective form of content marketing, our Twitter influencers provide a simple solution to building valuable brand awareness and generating leads.

With just 140 characters, but access to millions of followers, Twitter Influencers deliver brand content to audiences across the world.  Whether it is through direct engagement with fans, featuring on brand channels or being the face of a paid campaign, influencers can make a huge impact on your Twitter presence.

By creating unique campaigns and engaging content, our Twitter Influencers become a powerful brand advocate. They put your products in front of an audience that is active, engaged and enthusiastic about brands like yours. And, as a result, they become a huge catalyst for growth.



With the ability to send tweets, pictures and live streams with the click of a button, Twitter Influencer Marketing is an easy and efficient way to drive instant results. By working a leading influencer, you can promote your brand and boost online sales in a matter of minutes.

Social media influencers are known for being relatable and reliable in what they endorse. By providing a human face for your campaign they quickly establish a trusted connection with millions of potential customers.  And in turn, these loyal fans a more engaged and open to learning more about your brand.

Leveraging their personal connection with their followers, Twitter Influencers specialise in turning daily Twitter users into valuable brand advocates. By sharing their love your products they show potential customers just why they should join them in supporting your brand. 



At Influencer Champions, we personalise not only every Twitter campaign but every post too. This means that we focus on finding the perfect influencers for any brand. Whether it is for a long or short-term basis, we take the time to understand exactly what your brand is about so we can create the best partnership.

Working with leading influencers in popular industries like beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness, we can help brands of all shapes and sizes. Our dedicated team will find the right bloggers or micro-influencers to ensure you reach the right audience.

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