Top YouTubers

YouTubers are the original social media influencers and are now more popular than ever before. Creating fun, informative and engaging video content, YouTubers are experts in everything from gaming and technology to beauty, lifestyle and parenting. With large and loyal followings, YouTubers are able to expand the reach of a brand and its campaign. YouTubers are able to help brands increase awareness, generate sales and gain popularity across social media. 

Here are some of our top YouTubers... 


1. PewDiePie

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As one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, PewDiePie has dedicated his career to being an online creator and gaming influencer. With over 109 million subscribers on YouTube alone, it is no surprise that PewDiePie has seen such tremendous success. Recognised for his gaming commentary and playthroughs for games such as Minecraft and Among Us, the award-winning YouTuber is the ideal match for brands looking to reach a global audience and increase awareness. 


2. MrBeast

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After becoming the first YouTuber to surpass 10 million views on every single video for a year, MrBeast has continued to create fun and engaging content for his followers to enjoy. Beginning his career as a gaming influencer, MrBeast has now ventured into sharing challenges and stunts as well as impressive fundraisers. Continuing to rise in popularity, MrBeast poses great opportunity for brands and businesses to collaborate with. 


3. James Charles

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As one of the biggest beauty YouTubers online, James Charles has made waves within the industry thanks to his makeup tutorials and detailed product reviews. With an impressive skillset and a large and loyal following, James Charles has access to a global audience. Making his mark on the beauty industry, James has also made history as he became the first spokesperson for beauty brand, CoverGirl. Regularly creating innovative and engaging content, James Charles is a lucrative choice for global brands and influencer marketing campaigns. 


4. Emma Chamberlain

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Emma is one of the most popular YouTubers around. Sharing everything from daily vlogs, fashion hauls and cooking videos, Emma and her content appeal to a diverse and global audience. Throughout her time on YouTube, Emma has reached immense levels of success and continues to provide inspiration to her millions of followers. Emma is a great ambassador for future brand campaigns and partnerships. 


5. Joe Sugg

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As an original YouTuber and social media influencer, Joe Sugg helped shape the influencer marketing industry into what it is today. With a number of channels under the ThatcherJoe umbrella, Joe shares a variety of content. From daily vlogs and pranks to gaming videos, Joe has a varied and diverse audience. Now well-known within both digital and traditional forms of media, and providing brands with unique opportunities, Joe is the perfect YouTuber for brands to collaborate with. 


6. Saffron Barker

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Leading lifestyle, fashion and fitness YouTuber, Saffron Barker has amassed millions of followers who are invested in her every move. Regularly sharing vlogs, fashion hauls and fitness content, Saffron keeps her fans entertained and up to date with her busy lifestyle. Having worked with global brands, Saffron is able to help them reach their goals whilst meeting the needs of her loyal audience. Allowing brands to reach new heights and maximise their potential, Saffron could be your perfect match. 

Emily Canham

7. Emily Canham

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Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Emily Canham is well-known for understanding the needs of her online community. Sharing everything from makeup tutorials to fashion hauls and travel vlogs, Emily is a woman of many talents. Having worked with some of the biggest beauty brands in the world, Emily is highly sought-after and is the perfect YouTuber to front an influencer marketing campaign. With a loyal and diverse audience, it is no surprise that Emily has seen such incredible success. 


8. Mark Ferris

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A well-loved figure across the internet, Mark Ferris and his YouTube channel are unique and a breath of fresh air. As an advocate of the LGBTQ+ community, Mark uses his platform to discuss a variety of important topics, including body positivity and mental health. With a fun and charismatic personality, Mark and his social media platforms cater to a diverse audience. Mark’s online status allows him to place global brands at the forefront of their desired market. 


9. Elle Darby

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Popular lifestyle YouTuber Elle Darby is renowned for documenting her busy lifestyle with her fiancé and two pups. Currently expecting her first baby, Elle is continuing to share her pregnancy journey with her followers. Also sharing fashion and interior-related content, Elle’s content is incredibly versatile and is a reflection of her life. For brands seeking to increase awareness or gain popularity, look no further than Elle Darby. 

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