Top Travel Influencers

Perhaps some of the most iconic talent of the industry, travel influencers know exactly how to use their talent with photography and social media to create impactful campaigns. 

Combining undeniably stunning visuals with their infectious personalities, as well as their love and passion for travelling the world, it’s easy to see how travel influencers have curated mass following on all social media platforms, and why they’re able to capture the hearts of so many around the world.  

Here are some of our top travel influencers…  

Travel Mad Mum

1. Travel Mad Mum

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Karen Edwards, otherwise known by her online alias Travel Mad Mum, is an inspiration to both mums and travel enthusiasts alike. Demonstrating a clear passion for exploring new locations and introducing her family to the many wonders of the world, Karen provides a unique perspective on international travel.  With her son Quinn, daughter Esme and husband Shaun, Karen documents all the high and lows of travel as she explores, as well as recommends some of her favourite products that she relies on every time she jets-off somewhere new.  

Travel Mad Dad

2. Travel Mad Dad

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Of course, we couldn’t mention Travel Mad Mum without Travel Mad Dad! Shaun, part of the family traveling tribe, perfectly captures the beautiful moments of travelling as a family. From road trips to long-haul flights, Shaun has done it all and everything in between.  Proving that travelling doesn’t have to stop when children come along, Trave Mad Dad shows to all parents that there’s so much fun to be had when you see the world together, as a family.  


3. Em Sheldon

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With a swoon-worthy feed showcasing some of the most stunning locations around the world, Em Sheldon has certainly made a name for herself as a travel influencer. Creating entertaining and informative travel guides during her adventures, Em’s fanbase is continuing to grow and its clear to see why!  Utilising all social platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and her blog, Em creates a wide range of content to suit her mass audience. 


4. Misha Grimes

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As a regular traveller, Misha Grimes loves to share fun snaps of her holidays from around the world. Visiting gorgeous and exotic locations such as Dubai, Ibiza, and Florida whenever she can, Misha’s Instagram feed looks better than any holiday brochure we’ve ever seen!  Passionate about immersing herself in the cultures of the places she visits, Misha perfectly captures the beauty of every location for her thousands of followers to see. 

2 Travel Dads

5. 2 Travel Dads

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Rob and Chris Taylor, otherwise known as 2 Travel Dads, regularly grace our screens with their LGBT travel content. Starting off their travelling adventures as a couple, their travel stories soon become family oriented with the arrival of their two sons.  Now, 2 Travel Dads and their sons share a wide range of content on their blog, Instagram account and podcast, giving extremely helpful travel advice to couples and families, as well as members of the LGBT community. It’s little wonder the family of four have won over thousands of followers with their wholesome content!  


6. Elle Next Door

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From London to Paris, and from Greece to Madeira, Elle has made it her mission to see some of the most beautiful locations around the world. As a highly respected travel guru, Elle has her own blog, alongside her Instagram, and YouTube account, where she shares all her travel related content.  Sharing binge-worthy travel vlogs on her YouTube channel, Elle’s following continues to grow with travel enthusiasts thanks to her ability to build such a strong connection with her audience.  


7. Bronte King

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An avid traveller, Bronte King loves nothing more than to document her lavish trips with her friends and family. With destinations including Croatia, Ibiza, and Los Angeles, Bronte takes her followers along with her while she enjoys the sunshine.  Particularly fond of the magic of Bali, Bronte has spent much of her time in the Indonesian Island, learning about the culture and the ways of local life, sharing this insight with her loyal followers.  


8. How Far From Home

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Travel influencer couple Stevo and Chanel have left their lives in South Africa behind to pursue their dream of travelling the world. And, their leap of faith paid off, as they have since achieved huge success with their travel blog, How Far From Home.  Just as their blog title suggests, Stevo and Chanel have literally travelled as far away from home as they can possibly go, and their stunning travel photography certainly captures this immense creative journey, and this incredible story has piqued the attention of some well-known brands looking to strengthen their influencer marketing.  

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