Top Technology Influencers

Aligning your brand with the right influencer is imperative for maximising success. Technology influencers assist brands in connecting with well-versed social media users, as well as helping them to increase their reach, enabling them to achieve a wider and more diverse platform of loyal customers across multiple channels. Partnering brands with influencers gives them access to their broad following, resulting in significant brand exposure, improved sales and boosted revenue.

Here are some of our top technology influencers…


1. Unbox Therapy

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Unbox Therapy offers his 16+ million subscribers the excitement and intrigue of unboxing all the latest, flashiest technology the industry has to offer. Having always been interested in all thing’s tech, Lewis owned an Apple repair store, before taking advantage of the ‘unboxing’ trend and beginning his own channel centred round it, with Jack filming behind the scenes. The tech-duo provide honest reviews, comparisons and unboxing, as well as more chatty content to showcase their winning personality via IGTV on Instagram. Being one of the most prominent channels in their niche with millions of followers across multiple platforms, their content often inspires the next purchases of their followers, making them a wise partner for tech brands.


2. What Gear

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What Gear’s mission is to ‘deliver the finest reviews known to man’ in the technology industry and one of the ways Troy sets out doing this, is by filling his Instagram with comparative photographs, allowing his followers to make their own decisions, demonstrating a sense of trust. Troy further engages his followers by regularly staging giveaways on his Instagram and website of some of the most desired products on the market. As a reliable expert in tech, Troy is renowned for attending events across the country. He also covers content ranging from smartphone and audio tech to unboxing and gaming videos. With over 35,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and over 11 million views, Troy is the ideal person to collaborate with technology brands.


3. The Tech Chap

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With a passion for all things tech and gadgets, Tom Honeyands has succeeded in turning his hobby into a full-time career. Now, Tom jet sets around the world to huge technology events, and often speaks at conferences such as CES and Qualcomm. Originally setting out to be a technology journalist, he is now one of the most popular technology influencers online. From smartwatches to phones and laptops, Tom covers it all, recently venturing into the world of smart cars, sharing his insight on brands and their releases. Invested in the latest happenings within the industry, Tom and his channels are many people’s first port of call when researching products of interest, providing brands with a unique opportunity to further both their sales and online presence.


4. Mr Whose The Boss

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Following his graduation from the University of Warwick with a degree in economics, Arun Maini, known online as Mr Whose The Boss, is one of the UK’s leading YouTubers for gadgets and technology. His popularity is built on informative and detailed content regarding tech reviews, advice and personal testimonials, and is regularly sponsored by global household names. Having amassed 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and providing his audience with the latest news and updates, Arun is undoubtedly the real boss when it comes to technology. His delivery signature is straightforward and honest, meaning that if you’re looking for a trustworthy and genuine review, Arun is the influencer for you.


5. Super Saf

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Boasting over 1.7 million subscribers and 330 million views on his YouTube channel, Safwan is one of the nation’s leading tech influencers. Using YouTube, he’s primed himself as a technology guru for fellow enthusiasts and as a source for support in choosing the right product. As well as reviewing the most innovative and exclusive products, he collaborates with fellow leading technology influencers, effectively bolstering his own fanbase. Despite his primary focus being technology, his expressed interests in travel and lifestyle make him an all-round influencer. This positions him as a versatile influencer for companies from every sector.


6. iJustine

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Justine rose to fame in 2007 after sharing a video to YouTube regarding an iPhone bill that garnered over two million views in ten days, become an internet ‘meme’. Since then, she’s amassed nearly seven million subscribers on YouTube and almost two million followers on Instagram. Her material normally involves reviews of the latest technology releases from phones to cameras, as well as entertaining gaming videos and daily vlogs with her active fanbase. As a full-fledged influencer, Justine is highly active on Instagram. She frequently shares content of her daily personal life, providing her audience with behind-the-scenes previews, in addition to lifestyle content. And, as a long-recognised influencer, Justine would make the perfect influencer to promote your brand.


7. Btekt

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Btekt is ran by a group of technology enthusiasts, with David and Basil at their forefront. Their brand revolves around explaining the latest tech news and reviews in simplified and accessible ways, making it a go-to channel for tech fans and newbies alike. Whether you’re searching for details regarding the most imminent phone release, seeking to compare product specifications, or general insights into the industry, Btekt has it handled. Despite being relatively new to the game, Btekt can already boast that they’ve been sponsored by global names. Proving incredibly popular, Btekt is a promising brand for companies looking to target a new audience.

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