Top parenting influencers

If you want to raise brand awareness and generate sales, collaborating with a parenting influencer is the way to do it. Characterised by their openness and authenticity, parenting influencers are the go-to resource for many parents and families as they provide trusted tips and tricks on the many joys, trials and tribulations of parenting.  

To help brands reach a large and loyal following, here are our top parenting influencers… 

Giovanna Fletcher

1. Giovanna Fletcher


Giovanna Fletcher is an influential author, blogger, podcast host and TV personality turned parenting influencer. who shares three boys with her husband, former McFly band member and fellow author-come-influencer, Tom Fletcher. With a huge fan base of over two million on Instagram alone, Giovanna is praised for her honest approach to motherhood and family life. She is a best-selling author and is a world-renowned podcast host of ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ where she discusses the ups and downs of parenthood among other important topics with celebrity guests. Giovanna’s huge following and charismatic personality mean she is the perfect choice for brands wanting to further their sales and online presence. 


2. Dani Dyer

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Dani Dyer is a popular reality TV star, podcast host and social media influencer. In January 2021, Dani announced her pregnancy and later gave birth to a baby boy named Santiago. Throughout her pregnancy she documented her journey, candidly sharing the ups and downs of motherhood, alongside glamourous selfie snaps and outfit inspo. Passionate about maintaining her style whilst pregnant, she even launched her own maternity clothing line, ‘New Mum’ with In The Style, and has collaborated with a number of healthcare brands to encourage self-care. With a 3.4 million following of fellow celebrities and young mums, Dani helps brands expand their reach and increase online exposure.  


3. Mrs Hinch

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Essex-based mum of two is one of the most popular parenting influencers in the world, with over four million followers and counting. Since creating her now-famous interior design account Mrs Hinch Home in 2018, Sophie Hinchliffe rose to fame, becoming a best-selling author and mum in 2019. Recently, Sophie gave birth to her second child and continues to document the ups and downs of motherhood, taking her fans along for the ride, discussing everything from weaning to child-friendly foods. With a global audience and high-engagement, Sophie has a loyal fanbase, guaranteed to boost the profile of any brand she works with. 

Travel Mad Dad

4. Travel Mad Dad

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Alongside his wife, Karen, better known as ‘Travel Mad Mum’, Shaun takes his followers on adventures around the world, as they both prove travel doesn’t have to stop when you have kids. Providing other travel-enthusiasts with tips and tricks on how to travel with children in tow, Shaun documents their adventures, from home-schooling to mealtimes, Shaun and Karen share it all with their loyal following. Currently, the family are living in their renovated American RV, getting ready to drive across the world on an epic adventure. The family have already partnered with a number of big named brands, successfully increasing their online exposure. 


5. Someone's Mum

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Someone’s Mum is a blog offering parenting tips and advice run by award-winning parenting influencer, Danielle Duggins. The mum of two and wife to fellow influencer, Daddy Cooks Food, shares her advice on a range of topics surrounding family life, including how to achieve work-life balance. It is for this, that she has been nominated for a number of awards including BritMums BiBs, and even went on to win Blogosphere Parenting Blogger of the Year in 2017. She also shares craft ideas and cooking tips which has led to numerous partnerships with major household brands. Danielle is one of the UK’s leading parenting bloggers who has a dedicated fan base of fellow parents and families and helps brands deliver meaningful campaigns. 


6. Meet The Greers

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One of the most famous families on the internet, The Greers are a family of eight vloggers who share prank videos, fun challenges, daily vlogs and everything in between to their thousands of fans across Instagram and YouTube. Parents Nathan and Tara have six children, with their son, Lorenzo, better known as ‘Tekkerz Kid’, achieving millions of views on his very own YouTube channel, too. With thousands of loyal fans across multiple platforms, Meet The Greers are the perfect parenting influencers for brands looking to connect with their desired audience.


7. The Ace Family

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With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 19 million subscribers on YouTube, The Ace Family document their life together to their adoring fans through a variety of fun and entertaining videos. Mum Catherine, Dad Austin and their three children travel the world together, taking their huge fan base with them whilst they celebrate life events, from birthday parties to pregnancy announcements. As one of the most famous families on the internet, The Ace Family provide brands with the unique opportunity to expand their reach and increase sales.


8. Ainsley Gray

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Former visual merchandiser turned parenting and lifestyle influencer, Ainsley Gray has documented the trials and tribulations of motherhood since the birth of her first child, Oakley. Since then, she has become an internet sensation, and the founder of Mama Meet & Market, an event that allows parents to shop for their children using smaller brands to support the community. Her passion for shopping also extends to the home, and she regularly shares before and after snaps of her interior projects in the family home. Ainsley successfully helps brands boost their engagement as an imaginative content creator.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

9. Lucy Mecklenburgh

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Lucy Mecklenburgh rose to fame on reality TV series The Only Way is Essex and has since established herself as a popular media personality and influencer within the fitness and nutrition sphere. After meeting her fiancé on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, she gave birth to her first baby in 2020 and has continued to use her platform to document the ups and downs of parenthood, whilst empowering other young mums to be comfortable in their own skin. With millions of followers, Lucy can help brands reach an audience of like-minded mums interested in interiors, fitness, nutrition, fashion and more. 


10. Dan Osborne

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Popular reality TV star Dan Osborne achieved national fame after appearing on television series The Only Way is Essex and taking part in other shows, such as Celebrity Big Brother. He has since used his fame to share his passion for sports and fitness, as well as tattoos, which he later turned into a business. As well as documenting his entrepreneurial endeavors, he also uses his social channels to showcase daily life with his wife Jacqueline Jossa and their children. As a proud dad of three, his Instagram page is dedicated to his family as he documents their daily life together. As a dad with his own business, Dan understands what brands want and need from a collaboration, making him the ideal campaign partner.  

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