Top Mental Health Influencers

Influencers, brands, and social media platforms are shedding a light on the mental health impacts of social media, advocating for change, and helping to push the industry forward with wellness as a leading priority. This trend will continue to grow as brands seeking to connect with a new generation of consumers realise that mental health is a core concern for today’s youth. By aligning your brand with a mental health influencer, you will communicate to customers that you’re actively listening to their needs and care about their wellbeing, promoting customer loyalty and return business. Additionally, considering many consumers rely on the attitudes and opinions of their idols, their promotion will give you access to their broad following, resulting in significant exposure, boosted revenue and improved sales.

Here are some of our top mental health influencers…


1. Frankie Bridge

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Reputed for her role in girl band The Saturdays, Frankie has since gone on to be appointed ambassador for mental health charity Mind and Marie Curie. Frankie then went on to launch a line of cosmetics to raise money and created her own podcast called Open Mind, which invites fellow celebrities onto her show to discuss mental health on a personal level. On Instagram, Frankie shares an abundance of tender family snaps with her footballer husband, Wayne Bridge, as well as behind the scenes content of her projects and snippets from her podcast, inspiring her followers to discuss their own mental health journeys. Honest and authentic, Frankie makes for an ideal influencer for campaigns on fashion, travel, lifestyle and mental health.


2. Fearne Cotton

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Fearne first entered the public gaze through her role as a television and radio presenter, appearing on shows such as Celebrity Juice and Top of the Pops. In 2018, Fearne began presenting her Happy Place podcast, a series which invites inspiring individuals onto the show to discuss how they made changes in their lives towards happiness or providing support to enable others to do so. Fearne has since published several books regarding mental health which has been very popular with her loyal fanbase. Fearne takes to Instagram to share updates about her projects, as well as to promote important issues such as climate change and mindfulness. Always aiming to maintain her honest and raw public image, Fearne frequently shares makeup-less selfies alongside more polished snaps. Fearne and her feed stay grounded, delivering a sense of realness against the heavily filtered grain, making her the perfect collaborator for brands.

Chessie King

3. Chessie King

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Chessie rocketed to fame as the creator of the London-based lifestyle, fitness and explorative blog C.Krets, gaining popularity as a body positivity advocate, after her ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ posts went viral. After growing a loyal and highly engaged fanbase for her authenticity, Chessie took to YouTube to continue developing her brand. Her content ranges from body confidence tips to mental health, fostering a sense of intimacy between her and her audience. Having recently given birth to her firstborn, Chessie has documented her pregnancy and postnatal journey. By sharing snaps of her changing body, with lengthy captions regarding her postnatal experiences, and maternal mental health, Chessie continues to inspire important topics around female health, making her the perfect candidate for body-positive brands and all things mental health.


4. Dr Alex George


Alex was launched to fame through his role on Love Island. Following the show, he returned to working as a medical professional part-time while making various media appearances. In 2019, Alex launched his podcast The Waiting Room, where Alex invites medical professionals to talk about health and wellbeing. In 2020, Alex suffered the loss of his brother to mental health and responded by launching a campaign asking the UK government to prioritise mental health amongst young people. Following a meeting with the Prime Minister, Alex was appointed to the newly created position of Youth Mental Health Ambassador. Alex now uses his role as a celebrity to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing, using his medical experience to share helpful tips across his social media channels, making him the perfect candidate for brands.


5. Ashley James

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Ashley rose to prominence through her stints on multiple TV shows, such as Made in Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother. From this exposure, Ashley developed a dedicated fanbase and established a strong social media presence as a lifestyle and mental health influencer and now uses her large following to campaign for mental health, body positivity and social media honesty. Ashley made an appearance on both BBC News and Sky News to discuss topical issues and draws on her own past experiences to connect with her followers. Ashley now takes to Instagram to battle stigma about postnatal mental health, postnatal bodies, and the realities of motherhood. Ashley delivers positive realness, keeping her fans engaged and dedicated, making her an ideal candidate for collaboration.


6. Joey Essex

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Joey went from strength to strength after his role in The Only Way is Essex. Quickly being promoted from supporting cast to a main character by season three, it was clear that the public loved him. Joey’s success saw him star in his own spin-off documentary, Educating Joey Essex, and multiple other reality TV shows. Joey has been an ambassador for Child Bereavement UK since 2014 and recently opened about his grief surrounding the death of his mother on his current documentary: Joey Essex: Grief and Me. Taking to Instagram to promote the show, Joey breaks down stigma encompassing male mental health and encourages his fans to reach for support, should they need it, championing male health.


7. Jake Quickenden

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Jake is an English singer, footballer, and reality TV personality. He began his media career as a contestant on The X Factor, and since his departure he has appeared in multiple TV shows including Hollyoaks and Dancing On Ice. Having suffered the loss of his father and brother, he serves as ambassador for charity Teenage Cancer Support and has always been open and honest about his navigating grief and regularly encourages his followers to check in with their friends to foster a more supportive society. Jake speaks openly about his battles with depression and anxiety, appearing on podcasts to promote these issues on his social media channels in a bid to bring an end to negative stigmas surrounding male mental health. Jake is a figurehead for male wellbeing and would be an excellent choice to collaborate with on these matters.


8. Dr Emily Andre

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Emily was thrust into the public eye when her relationship with reality TV star Peter Andre was revealed in 2012. After building a large following, Emily uses her influence for good, championing both physical and mental health awareness projects on her social media, supported by her medical qualifications and experience as a doctor. Emily is an ambassador for Caudwell Children, a charity for autistic children, as well as We Are Mentor 360. Always keen to promote important conversations regarding health, Emily has made several media appearances on shows such as Loose Women and Lorraine, making her an advisable influencer for brands in the health industry.

Olivia Buckland

9. Olivia Bowen

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Olivia rose to fame after appearing on Love Island, where she met Alex Bowen, and the two went on to marry after leaving the villa. Olivia has since become a celebrity influencer icon, launching her own seasonal clothing collection with InTheStyle, and co-owning a clothing brand alongside her husband, Alex. Olivia has spoken out about her struggles with mental health and shared how Alex helped her overcome them, regularly sharing loved-up snaps from around the world, with him on Instagram. After rocketing to fame in such a short space of time, she now raises awareness about how to deal with cyberbullying and advocates for mental health issues on Instagram. With nearly 3million followers, and one of the most loved members from Love Island, Olivia would make for a great fit for brands looking to collaborate on mental health issues.