Top Male Influencers

Whether it's fashion, fitness or esports, there are hundreds of male influencers with a big online following. Sharing unique and engaging content across popular platforms like Instagram and YouTube, these influencers are helping brands to connect with millions of new customers. And with modern man becoming increasingly interested in industries such as fashion and beauty, male influencers play a pivotal role in allowing brands to scale new markets.

Here are some of our top male influencers in 2020...


1. Ali A

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Ali A is a popular male influencer who rose to fame playing the global phenomenon Fortnite. Ali is one of the brightest talents in eSports, a genre which has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Due to his huge social following, Ali has represented several gaming brands including Mattessons, Monster, Kontrol Freek and Elgato Gaming.


2. Caspar Lee

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Caspar Lee is one of the UK’s favourite YouTubers. Originally from South Africa, Caspar’s hilarious videos and antics have not only earned him an impressive online following but also major movie roles. His work as a comedic actor and voice actor is highly regarded and his happy-go-lucky demeanour makes him an ideal choice for all brand or product campaigns.


3. Jack Maynard

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Jack Maynard’s hilarious YouTube channel has seen him become a wildly popular YouTube star and social media influencer. His hilarious sketches often involve other popular YouTubers including Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and his brother Conor Maynard. Jack has a knack for sarcasm and punctuates every video with perfectly timed comedy.


4. Josh Pieters

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Josh Pieters is a well-loved YouTube personality and former cricketer with a knack for humour and charm. Josh’s channel is full of collaborative work with other famous YouTubers including challenges, pranks and Q&As. He is also a respected comedy interviewer who has quizzed the likes of Tom Holland, Will Ferrell and Chris Hemsworth. He has also been given his own interview show by Comedy Central showcasing mainstream media’s trust in the hilarious raconteur.


5. Joe Sugg

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Joe Sugg is a hugely successful YouTuber, author and filmmaker who entertains millions with his video content. Using his channel ThatcherJoe to share videos of pranks, celebrity impressions, gameplay videos and more, he provides a wide range of material for his adoring fans. His latest venture has seen him land a place on the popular television show, Strictly Come Dancing.


6. Mark Ferris

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Mark Ferris is a talented content creator and popular male influencer. A former student of film and television, Mark has a knack for creating light-hearted and comedic content that entertains people across the world. Having started his channel in 2010, he has built an impressive fan-base and actively uses his following to be an advocate for discussing mental health.


7. Mikey Pearce

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With his YouTube views reaching into the millions, Mikey Pearce is one of the best male influencers. Often collaborating with close friends and fellow YouTube stars, Conor Maynard, Jack Maynard and Joe Sugg, his videos range from funny pranks to challenges and comedy sketches. Since rising to fame online, he has been able to work with world-famous brands such as Cadbury and Fiat. He has also recently launched his own sweet brand, 'Diet Starts Tomorrow'.


8. Jake Boys

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Having originally gained a large online following on Vine, Jake Boys is a popular YouTuber and prankster. Now sharing his videos with millions on YouTube, he is well-known for creating entertaining short-films that often feature other well-known male influencers. From sharing every aspect of his life online, Jake has a created a close connection with his fans and as a result, they simply can't get enough of his videos.


9. Ali Gordon

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Ali Gordon is one of the UK’s best lifestyle influencers, providing fashion advice, exercise tips and eating plans. Encouraged by his wife and fellow blogger Lydia Millen to become an influencer, he became a favourite almost overnight. Since then he has not looked backed and collaborated on social campaigns with a wide range of luxury brands including the watchmaker Longines.

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