Top Home Influencers

Partnering your brand with the right home influencer can help to create huge success in a variety of different ways. Home influencers help brands to connect with users, as well as enabling them to achieve a higher reach due to their large and loyal followings across a multitude of different platforms. With many consumers relying on the opinions of popular social media influencers, this can help brands maximise online exposure, increase sales and generate revenue.  

Here are some of our top home influencers…  


1. Mrs Hinch

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Making housework and cleaning look nothing short of glamorous is internet sensation Mrs Hinch. Shooting to online stardom due to her viral cleaning hacks and techniques, she is now recognised globally as a cleaning and home influencer. Using Instagram to review new products and share her knowledge and expertise, Mrs Hinch is also passionate about interiors, often sharing renovation updates and any new additions to her home. Also a first-time mum and best-selling author, Mrs Hinch has also become recognised within the parenting sector, making her a great influencer for brands to work with. 

Stacey Soloman

2. Stacey Solomon

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Although beginning her career as a singer, Stacey has ventured into multiple other avenues including TV as a member of Loose Women as well taking on a role as a popular social media influencer. Focusing primarily on home, interiors and crafts, Stacey has become one of the most sought-after home influencers online. Often documenting home updates, seasonal décor and impressive DIY, Stacey is recognised for her flair for interior design, parenting, crafts and home comforts. Stacey is the perfect person to collaborate with global, household brands. 


3. Lydia Elise Millen

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With a passion and flair for homes, gardens, and interior design, Lydia Millen has a dedicated account for exactly that. With a secluded home surrounded by nature, Lydia has documented their multiple renovation projects both inside and outside. Also keen gardeners, Lydia and her husband spend much of their time growing their own fresh produce. With a chic and sophisticated style, Lydia and her home are an inspiration to many, making her a wonderful home and interiors influencer, providing brands with a unique opportunity to further both their sales and online presence.  


4. Sophia Tuxford

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Although one half of online duo Sophia and Cinzia, Sophia Tuxford has embarked upon her first home and interiors journey whilst documenting the process on Instagram. With a clean and minimalist style, Sophia uses her platform to share inspiration, renovation updates and detailed interior shots. With a large and loyal following, Sophia is a source of inspiration for many who are also looking to update or renovate their space. Now, she is the perfect home influencer to help brands build awareness and increase sales. 


5. Mad About The House

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Passionate about interior design, Kate Watson-Smyth is the face behind the world-renowned Instagram account Mad About The House. With a popular blog to add to her online success, Kate often shares reviews, interior design rules, inspiration and the newest trends to look out for. With swoon-worthy content, it is no wonder that Kate and her love for interior design has been listed in publications such as Vogue, Vuelio, Stella and the Evening Standard. Highly sought-after in the world of homes and interiors, Kate makes for an ideal home influencer for brands looking to promote a new product or even raise brand awareness.  


6. Gemma Louise

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A popular home and lifestyle influencer, Gemma Louise is recognised online for sharing cosy snaps of her home. From DIY stair runners to seasonal décor, Gemma covers it all and everything in between. With a chic and bohemian style, Gemma is passion about interior design and is always looking to update and refresh her home. Often sharing her favourite homeware finds and providing her followers ideas of how to style different areas of their homes, Gemma is a great ambassador for future brand partnerships. 


7. Beth Sandland

Instagram Followers

Renovating a 1960’s London flat, Beth Sandland is popular lifestyle and home interior. Often taking fans along for the journey of renovation, Beth has taken on a number of huge household projects, from kitchens, to gardens, offices and bedrooms. With a unique and quirky style, Beth’s social media is filled with cosy photos of her home, combining her love of neutrals with bright pops of colour. For brands and future collaborations, Beth offers access to great reach and high levels of engagement.  


8. The Anna Edit

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The Anna Edit is a popular lifestyle influencer with a passion for homes and interior design. As previous owners of a gorgeous Brighton flat, Anna documented huge renovations within their home including the bathroom and kitchen. Often sharing images of the picturesque corners of her home, Anna is about to embark upon brand-new journey as she gets ready to move house. Renowned for her home and organisation skills, Anna makes for the perfect influencer for brands to partner with. 


9. Jottie’s Journal

Instagram Followers

With lots of loyal followers, Jottie, of Jottie’s Journal is a renowned cleaning and home influencer. Taking great pride in her home, Jottie documents room makeovers as well as sharing her favourite homeware pieces and accessories. Also posting organisational tips and tricks, Jottie is well-known for posting speedy cleaning videos and reviewing both cleaning and household products. Regularly working with popular brands, Jottie presents herself as a great ambassador for future brand partnerships. 

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