Top Gaming Influencers

Collaborating with a gaming influencer can help your brand in more ways than one. From raising brand awareness, generating sales and maximising revenue, gaming influencers can have a serious impact on your brand. Many consumers rely on the opinions of well-known social media influencers, and with large and loyal followings, they provide brands with a platform to expand their reach. 

Here are some of our top gaming influencers...


1. KSI

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Establishing himself as one of the most popular gaming influencers online, KSI is a British YouTuber who has gained attention as a gamer and more recently, as a musician. The internet personality, also known as ‘JJ’, was previously named one of The Sunday Times 100 UK influencers in 2019. With millions of followers, KSI is an internet sensation and continues to rise in popularity for his work on social media. Raised in Watford, KSI also has a successful music career with a number of singles, combining his passions for games and music. Renowned for playing games such as FIFA and Call of Duty as well as newer titles, KSI is one of the most iconic gaming influencers around, making him an asset to your latest campaign.


2. Iain Stirling

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Iain Stirling is a Scottish comedian, writer, television presenter, actor, narrator and Twitch streamer. And whilst he is better known for being the voice of Love Island and hosting shows such as Taskmaster and Celebability, Iain is rising in popularity in the world of gaming, too. Iain has found his niche with his own channel on Twitch and YouTube, in which he interacts with his loyal viewers whilst playing the likes of FIFA, Fortnite and Dead by Daylight. With that in mind, Iain would make a great collaborator for your next project.


3. iJustine

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Justine Ezarik is an American Youtuber, host, author, actress and the winner of the Price is Right. Best known as iJustine, she has more than one billion views on YouTube and is recognised for sharing gaming and technology reviews as well as fun-filled gaming content. She gained attention online and enjoys playing games including Animal Crossing and currently posts vlogs, reviews and insightful content to her YouTube channel, with her reach making her the ideal gaming influencer for your brand.


4. MrBeast

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Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as MrBeast, is a hugely successful American YouTuber recognised for his dare devil stunts including his attempt to eat the biggest pizza slice in the world – which alone gained 85 million views. Renowned for his ‘Let’s Play’ style gaming videos, MrBeast  won YouTuber of the Year at the 12th Annual Shorty Awards in 2020 and in the same year became one of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers, making him a great gaming influencer to collaborate with.


5. Tom Cassell, Syndicate

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Syndicate, aka Tom Cassell has travelled the world playing games whilst sharing his experiences with the gaming community and is quite possibly the most popular gaming influencer around. Well-known across a multitude of social media platforms, Tom describes himself as “just a guy who loves video games and has managed to turn it into a job.” Syndicate regularly shares gaming tips, gameplays and walkthroughs, and provides brands with a unique opportunity to expand their reach and increase online exposure.


6. VanossGaming

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Evan Fong known online as VanossGaming, or simply Vanoss, is a Canadian internet star famous for commentating video games. His clever compilation montage videos feature "funny moments" shared with his friends playing Grand Theft Auto V, Garry's Mod and the Call of Duty series. In his spare time, Vanoss is also a music producer, and DJ. Having found his niche in gaming, Vanoss has one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube and with a large and loyal subscriber base and view count, making him an ideal brand collaborator.


7. SSSniperwolf

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Sniper Wolf is a well-known YouTuber and is recognised for regularly sharing Call of Duty gameplay videos as well as reaction videos, anime, and video game character cosplays. She has almost 30 million loyal subscribers. Her passion for gaming began when she was just six years old and her gaming name, SSSniperwolf, comes from the video game Metal Gear Solid. Continuing to grow within the gaming industry, Sniper Wolf, aka Alia "Lia" Shelesh, makes for the perfect brand partner.


8. Tobi Brown

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Tobi Brown, aka TBJZL, is a Youtuber and gamer with a huge presence online. He rose to fame as an original member of The Sidemen, joining KSI, Miniminter and W2S. Since joining YouTube in 2011, Tobi has proven to be a popular FIFA gamer, and has even ventured into the world of live streaming. As well as this, he takes part in viral challenges and pranks, which allows Tobi to provide great opportunities for future brand collaborations.


9. Miniminter

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Simon Edward Minter, aka Miniminter is an English YouTube personality, known for playing games and sharing his life through vlogs across his online platforms. He currently manages two YouTube channels; Minter and mm7games. Simon posted his first FIFA video in December 2012 after leaving university for a career in gaming and has continued to grow from strength to strength within the gaming community. He soon became a member of the Sidemen propelling himself into gaming superstardom, making him the ideal gaming influencer for brands to work with.


10. Fruity

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Fruity is one the youngest, yet most popular gaming influencers around. As a professional Rocket League player for TeamLiquid and as DH Valencia 2019 Champion, Fruity is continuing to rise in popularity in the world of gaming. He is a regular on Twitch and often shares gameplays, commentaries and gaming tips. His growing influence makes him an ideal person for brands to collaborate with on their latest influencer marketing campaign.

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