Top Food and Drink Influencers

Partnering your brand with the right food and drink influencer can help to create huge success in a variety of different ways. How? Food and drink influencers could help to raise awareness of your brand and profile as well as increasing engagement with engaging and creative content, whilst directly reaching your desired target audience. 

Collaborations and partnerships with food and drink influencers can take place in many different forms. From creating recipes for your brand to sponsored YouTube videos that are guaranteed to reach thousands, and in some cases millions of viewers, collaborations can help boost engagement and sales. The opportunities for growth in terms of sales and brand awareness are both endless and exciting! 

Here are some of our top food and drink influencers… 

Recipe From A Pantry

1. Recipes From A Pantry

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Bintu is the face and the brains behind Recipes from a Pantry which was founded in 2012. A hub for all things fresh and tasty, Recipes from a Pantry is a well-known destination for incredible recipes. Combining a passion for food and social media, Bintu and Recipes from a Pantry aims to encourage her audience to cook up a storm at home using ingredients that they already have in their pantry. With beautifully put together photographs and providing informative step-by-step methods, Recipe from a Pantry is the perfect food and drink influencer to partner up with global brands. 


2. Daddy Cooks Food

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With thousands of loyal followers, Daddy Cooks Food is best known for sharing delicious recipes on Instagram. Demonstrating his culinary skills on social media, Daddy Cooks Food shares everything from breakfast ideas, snacks and main meals. Having worked with a number of well-known brands, the cooking expert also uses his recognised platform to raise awareness for a variety of important causes. Daddy Cooks Food makes for some great sponsorship opportunities.  


3. Steph Elswood

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Steph Elswood is popular food and drink influencer, who also works on a number of health and fitness projects. Having documented her journey into veganism, Steph uses her online platforms to share nutritious yet delicious vegan recipes and meat-free alternatives with her audience. Utilising both Instagram and YouTube to share her creative content all about food and drink, Steph has also published a number of online e-books to continue her passion for creating innovative recipes as well as producing her very own sustainable food storage and cutlery, making Steph a great influencer to collaborate with. 


4. Romy London

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Romy London is a well-known food and drink influencer specialising in vegan meals and recipes. Having made the change to a vegan lifestyle in 2014, Romy uses her Instagram account to share photos of her unique and mouth-watering recipes. Including breakfast, snacks and tasty bakes, followers will find everything they need to know about vegan foods over at Romy’s account. Offering a variety of content including recipes, products and restaurant reviews, Romy makes for the perfect food and drink influencer for brands looking to promote a new product or service, or even raise brand awareness. 


5. Lucy Watson

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After a long and successful career as a reality TV star, Lucy Watson turned her attention to becoming a food and drink influencer. A passionate vegan, Lucy shares her favourite meat-free alternatives and vegan recipes as well as owning her very own plant-based restaurant and her own range of vegan ready meals, Feed Me Vegan, as well as being author to a cookbook of the same name. With a well-established social media following, Lucy has made her mark on the food and drink industry, presenting herself as a great ambassador for future brand partnerships.  


6. Gino D’Acampo

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Best known as a professional chef, restaurant owner and TV chef, Gino D’Acampo is the best of the best when it comes to Italian cuisine. After a long and successful career within the food industry, Gino has made his way to TV screens and social media platforms to continue to demonstrate his expertise. Regularly appearing on shows such as This Morning as well as sharing insightful and informative videos to Instagram to show off some of his very own famous recipes, Gino offers access to great reach and levels of engagement. 


7. Simply Food By Mandy

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As a self-taught cook, Mandy’s culinary skills are seriously impressive and her growing social media platforms are proof of exactly that. Passionate about encouraging her followers to fuel their body with the right foods and nutrition, Mandy shares a variety of recipes and meals, including vegan and vegetarian options. As a talented food and drink influencer, Mandy provides brands with a unique opportunity to further both their online reach and sales. 


8. Caught Snackin

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Rising to fame on video-sharing app TikTok, Caught Snackin’ use their platforms to share unique and innovative videos to showcase their culinary talents as well as mouth-watering recipes. Inspiring thousands of followers to get creative in the kitchen, Caught Snackin’ are taking the industry by storm by becoming recognisable food and drink influencers, making them the perfect partner for future collaborations with brands. 


9. BOSH!

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Educating the world on plant-based foods and a vegan diet, Henry and Ian are the faces behind BOSH! As ultimate foodies, the duo are using their social media platforms to demonstrate their culinary skills, sharing classic dishes and delicious vegan alternatives. As best-selling authors and presenters of their very own show, Henry and Ian and their BOSH! brand offer brands and businesses a diverse audience, allowing them to reach new heights.  


10. James Martin

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A hugely popular British chef, James Martin is also a well-known TV personality thanks to his expertise within the food and drink industry. Continuing to move with the times, James Martin has utilised his Instagram account to share some of his favourite recipes. With a long and successful career, James has become a successful food and drink influencer, allowing him to provide great opportunities for future brand collaborations. 

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