Top Female Influencers in 2020

Female influencers help brands to connect with users, as well as achieve a higher reach due to their millions of followers. Consumers rely on the opinions of popular influencers which, in turn, helps brands to maximise their online exposure. 

Discover some of the most-followed female influencers today…

Louise Pentland

1. Louise Pentland


Louise Pentland is top beauty and lifestyle blogger from Northampton. Her YouTube channel 'SprinkleofGlitter' is loved by millions for top tips on beauty, lifestyle and exclusive insight into her family life. Besides being a online sensation, Louise has also become a Time best-selling author and UN Change Ambassador.

Niomi Smart

2. Niomi Smart


Since starting her YouTube channel in 2014, Niomi Smart has become a popular author and social media personality. Often posting videos about beauty and content, Niomi is loved by women across the world. Her videos often include recipes, workouts and wellness tips - all of which have made her a popular female influencer across many industries.

Emily Canham

3. Emily Canham

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Emily Canham is a well-known fashion, beauty and travel influencer with a knack for understanding the needs of the online community. From makeup tutorials to vlogs, fashion shoots and holiday snaps she is an inspiration to millions and the perfect personality for any influencer marketing campaign. As one of the leading female influencers, Emily’s success has even seen her work with the likes of L’Oréal Paris for their popular Beauty Squad.

Hello October

4. Suzie Bonaldi


Hello October is the creation of fashion blogger and YouTube influencer Suzie Bonaldi. Focused on fashion, makeup, interior design and travel, Suzie has a huge online following and is certainly one of the top female influencers. Her stunning photography and top tips keep people coming back for more and has seen her work with the likes of TRESemmé, Topshop, Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci.


5. Estee Lalonde

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Afte first moving to London and starting her channel in 2010, Estée has built an online empire with millions of followers. As one of the best-loved female influencers for her age, her fans rely on her channels and blog for makeup tutorials, shopping hauls, beauty reviews and exclusive updates on her latest adventures. With such influence online,she has continued to work with top brands such as ASOS, Lancôme and Chanel.

Giovanna Fletcher

6. Giovanna Fletcher


Giovanna’s goal is a simple one; to create a fun and positive space on the internet. This talented blogger creator is a proud mum and documents her adventures through her blog and vlog, 'Giovanna's World'. Giovanna is also a celebrated author who has published several successful books, including a Sunday Times best-seller.  

She Wears Fashion

7. She wears Fashion


Turning her obsession with fashion into a career, Kavita Donkersley is the face behind 'She Wear Fashion'. As a popular fashion blogger, she is renowned for combining stunning photos with designer brands and beauty product reviews to create one of the most-loved influencer accounts in the UK.  Dedicated to bringing fashion to everyday users, Kavita constantly scours high street brands like New Look, Forever 21 and River Island to create cutting-edge designs that we can all emulate.

Binky Felstead

8. Binky Felstead

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Having originally started her career on the hit series Made In Chelsea, Binky Felstead is a reality TV star turned social media influencer. Sharing exclusive insights into her life as not only a fashion enthusiast but a proud mommy, Binky is an all-around inspiration for many women. As a leading female influencer, Binky has worked with many leading lifestyle brands and now supports the fitness and wellness retreat, The Mummy Tribe.

Chessie King

9. Chessie King

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Chessie King is a popular fitness, lifestyle and body confidence advocate. As the creator of the C.Krets blog, she travels the world finding unique places to play, eat, workout, and holiday. Undoubtedly, Chessie is one of the best female influencers for anyone with the travel bug. If you're looking for lifestyle and travel advice will be hard pressed to find a more inspiring influencer.

Covering a range of genres, female influencers help brands to connect with their target audience, as well as achieve a higher reach due to their millions of social media followers. Today, consumers are relying less on celebrities to tell them what's hot. Instead, they are turning to their favourite influencers. By simply promoting their favourite products to their followers, influencers help brands to maximise their online exposure and get their name seen. 

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