Top Fashion Influencers

Aligning your brand with the right influencer is imperative for maximising success, and fashion influencers assist brands in connecting with social media users as well as helping them to increase their reach, achieving a wider and more diverse platform of loyal customers across multiple platforms. Considering many consumers rely on the attitudes and opinions of their favourite influencer, partnering with such talent gives you access to their broad following, resulting in significant brand exposure, improved sales and boosted revenue.

Here are some of our top fashion influencers…


1. Molly-Mae Hague

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Since appearing in the 2019 series of Love Island, Molly-Mae has become a popular reality TV star and social media influencer, focusing on Instagram and YouTube. Molly-Mae is renowned for being strictly authentic, enabling her following to trust her opinion and content, strengthening her influence. Molly-Mae regularly shares her favourite outfits with daily snaps on Instagram and even launched her own fashion collection with PrettyLittleThing before announcing her recent appointment as Creative Director for the brand. Having amassed over six million followers on Instagram alone, and as part of the internet’s most iconic online couples with Tommy Fury, Molly-Mae's influence is only set to grow, making her a powerful influencer for brands to collaborate with.

Alex Bowen

2. Alex Bowen

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Alex is one of the most popular social media starts to come from Love Island participants to date after appearing in the 2016 series where he found love with Olivia Buckland (now Bowen). Many clothing brands have already partnered with Alex, and he continues to play a prominent role within the fashion industry. So much so, he has even launched his very own clothing brand, Exempt Society. With over 1.6 followers on Instagram, Alex frequently shares romantic posts with his wife and outfit snaps, offering brands a platform with great exposure.


3. Ashley James

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Ashley has developed a devoted fanbase from her multiple avenues into the public’s eye, from Celebrity Big Brother to Made in Chelsea, establishing herself as a social media icon. After leaving the television series, Ashley hosted several fashion shows, before becoming venturing into the world of modelling and social media. Now, she continues to showcase her interest in fashion by sharing snaps signature style and as a new mum, shares breastfeeding friendly outfits as well as children’s fashion. As an enthusiastic content creator, Ashley regularly posts relating to fashion and style, making her a fabulous choice to collaborate with.


4. Sug Sean

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Sug Sean, also known as Sean Webster, is recognised for sharing content regarding men’s fashion, grooming and style. He provides an enthralling space for people to connect over tips and advice about everything from fashion to men’s accessories, Sean has distinguished his blog aside from the typical men’s platform by tackling important topics such as sustainability and body image, describing himself as a ‘creative storyteller’. Sean maintains a strong presence online by sharing artsy images from his exotic travels, using the locations as backdrops for his outfit snaps. Sean has set himself apart from the usual influencer crowd by being swift and confident, making him an impressive choice to partner with.


5. Em Sheldon

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Since creating her platform in 2012, Em has been presented with several prestigious awards. Winning the attention of an ever-growing audience, her content is watched and waited for by her thousands of loyal followers. Em’s feed is comprised of holiday photos and endless snaps of her swoon worthy outfits. As well as sharing glamorous red-carpet outfits, Em also shares details of the best activewear, bikinis and cosy loungewear. Em’s platform has seen her named as one of the Five Most Influential Instagrammers in Fashion by The Social Chain, making her a promising influencer to promote your brand.

Emily Canham

6. Emily Canham

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Emily’s grounded approach to fashion and beauty has seen her win one of the most loyal fanbases online. Emily started a YouTube channel in 2012 which has only continued to grow. As an avid social media user and content creator, she demonstrates a keen interest in fashion and style, often sharing stunning images of her favourite outfits; from red-carpet glam to comfy and casual. Many would consider Emily to be one of the most popular Instagram influencers around. Her dedicated following provides Emily highly effective platform for brands to be promoted on, making her an ideal collaborator.


7. Frankie Bridge

Instagram Followers

Frankie soared to fame as a member of the girl group, The Saturdays and of S Club Juniors. Although most known for her extraordinary singing, Frankie has firmly established herself as a social media influencer, making her mark on the fashion industry through her documentation of her envious outfits under #frankiesfaves, which she shares to Instagram on a weekly basis. Sharing outfits inspiration to women and mums from all over the world, Frankie also shares the outfits she wears when appearing on Loose Women. As such a long-standing public figure, Frankie would bring a wealth of recognition to your brand.


8. Josh Cuthbert

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Josh rose to prominence after competing in the series The X Factor as a member of the popular band Union J. After a triumphant number of years as part of the band, Josh decided to leave to pursue different avenues, and ventured into modelling for a variety of high-profile brands. In 2018, Josh featured on the front cover of Men’s Health Magazine, as a depiction of his influence. Josh takes to Instagram to document his daily activities and holiday snaps, as well as to showcase his high-end luxury sense of style. Josh would be a great candidate for brands looking to promote their company in the fashion sector, as well as music and entertainment.


9. Lydia Millen

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Online sensation Lydia creates content focusing on luxury fashion, home and interiors and lifestyle. She embarked on her career as a fashion influencer through combining looks from both the high street and the runway, making her looks much more accessible. Lydia has established herself quite the platform on YouTube and Instagram, sharing fashion hacks and seasonal trends. She also uses her social media channels to post clothing hauls, try-on videos and to share the news of her very own clothing collection launches. Being an influencer of such high recognition, Lydia has a varied fanbase, offering companies access to a diverse consumer-base.


10. Man For Himself

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Robin is a fashion and lifestyle influencer, and his blog, Man For Himself, was created in 2012 prior to his popular YouTube channel in 2013. His platforms explore men’s lifestyle, focusing his regular content on fashion, beauty and style. He uses his influence to encourage fluidity and personal flair, while his image centers around a chic aesthetic, delivering fashion advice with confidence and individualistic perception. Robin’s Q&A videos provide a genuine reflection of his persona and promotes trust between him as a voice of influence and his viewers, making him the perfect influencer to help build brand awareness and increase sales.

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