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Rebecca Meldrum is the face behind the hugely successful parenting vlog series, Mrs Meldrum. Her videos support families in various areas of parenting from maternal advice to shopping and home life.

Ideal for the first time mother, as well as for growing families, Rebecca's vlogs and blogs offer a shared journey for her viewers to follow. Her lifestyle blogs, family adventures, shopping hauls, pregnancy journey and ramblings have all seen her excel in the online space. Her and her family's followers are deeply admiring of her honesty and openness and that the topics spoken of are consistently relevant to them.

Rebecca is married to Lee Meldrum and is mother to Safiya, Florence and Poppy . Rebecca gave birth to Florence live on YouTube in 2014 in a video named, 'Live Natural Labour & Birth' to give her audience an insight into the reality of pregnancy.

Rebecca is also a member of the popular Channel Mum group which again supports people through all stages of parenthood - from pregnancy to food and work advice. The community offers a forum for mums to chat to each other as well as learn about various topics relating to motherhood.

Rebecca loves to travel and go on adventures with her young family and alongside the stresses and strains that come with parenting, she gets to share the moments of joy with makes it all worthwhile to her.

Sharing rural family life in Aberdeenshire, Mrs Meldrum sets about revealing intimate snippets of family life to her fans. These vlogs resonate because viewers can relate to what they are watching. Rebecca Meldrum is a friend to her audience.

Over time, Mrs Meldrum has attracted considerable attention from brands. She has worked with Thomas Cook, Iolla, F&F Clothing, Disney Junior, Penguin Random House, Baby Ballet, Reading Eggs, Just Eat and Ella's Kitchen, amongst others, showcasing the variety of influencer marketing campaigns and endorsements she is able to undertake in a natural way.

A wonderful choice to work with your brand on campaigns and product launches, Mrs Meldrum is at one with her audience. For a parenting influencer who is down-to-earth and able to interact with her fans in a genuine way - Mrs Meldrum is ideal.

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Influencer Partnerships
Just Eat

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