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About Anna Whitehouse...

Anna Whitehouse is well-known blogger, journalist and leading figure in the world of parenting influencers. As the face behind the successful blog Mother Pukka, Anna has created ‘a portal for news, events, reviews and honest comment for people that happen to be parents’. In doing so, she continues to inspire many fellow parents and families out there who value her guidance and experience in parenthood, lifestyle and more.

Before establishing her career in blogging, the top parenting and lifestyle influencer was a successful writer and editor. From working for the likes of Shortlist Media, L’Oreal and being the Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam, Anna is experience in writing fashion-based articles for major brands including SuperTrash and Tommy Hilfiger. In a quest for a new venture, Anna launches Flex Appeal, a campaign aiming to bring light towards the socio-political issues surrounding flexible working. She encourages people - often parents - to open up to their employers about their working rights, highlighting the potential adversity faced by people with 9-5 office jobs. This idea was illuminated to Anna after leaving her Copywriter role at L’Oreal to become a freelance writer; she took her campaign with her to 10 Downing Street with her husband where the pair discussed the issue with the communications department. On top of being a freelance writer, she is author to her best-selling text, Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life, as well as being a columnist for high-profile companies such as Marie Claire UK and Grazia Magazine.

Mother Pukka possesses a wide range of content from Ted Talks, food and drink recipes, raising disabled children and much more. The versatility within Anna’s content makes her a unique all-round parenting and lifestyle influencer that strays from creating a single platform for solely parenting tips. Her interest in the culinary world has enabled her to collaborate with businesses such as This is Heart in creating cooking episodes with fellow culinary enthusiasts.

In both her blog and YouTube channel, Anna posts videos of her vlogs, activism and commercial activity, as well as documenting her travels with her children. She is a strong activist and advocate for political and humanitarian issues and speaks out about vital causes regarding maternity rights and employment throughout her digital channels. She documents her travels to less privileged countries such as Nepal to capture the day to day lives of civilians on the other side of the world; she often takes to Instagram to endorse Flex Appeal amongst other issues close to her heart.

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Influencer Partnerships
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