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Clemmie Hooper is a best-selling author as well as a popular parenting influencer under the alias Mother of Daughters. Taking to social media to share her experience as a mother, she continues to influence thousands of fellow mums within the UK. With such a large online following, she is becoming one of the leading icons for parenthood advice and a public voice for many parents out there.

Aside from her growing social media presence, Clemmie has enjoyed a successful career as a gas and air midwife for the NHS after completing her training at UWE Bristol. Having experience in both carrying, raising and delivering children, she is a unique public mother figure with an educated medical background. Combining her midwifery expertise with her desire to share personal experiences online, she founded the blog ‘Gas&Air’ where she connect with like-minded mums. With the desire to help support mothers, Clemmie says that blog was set up to ‘share stories about pregnancy, birth and mothering young children that aren’t so widely talked about – straight from the midwife’s mouth.’

Shortly after launching the blog, Clemmie went on to publish her first book, How To Grow a Baby and Push It Out. Immediately becoming a best-seller, Clemmie felt inspired by the positive feedback which lead her to publishing the sequel, How To Grow A Baby Journal. Her motivation to become both author and blogger was to provide pregnant women and parents with a helpful information and avoiding the typical “you have to do this, you have to do that” approach. Understanding that the world of motherhood and pregnancy books may be a daunting experience, she successfully incorporates both ups and downs of the parenthood experience, without leaving out the unappealing truths that come with it.

As an influential figure in the world of mummy bloggers, Clemmie’s has welcomed the opportunity to collaborate a wide range of brands and support a number of causes close to her heart. Whilst her Gas&Air blog is her dominant space for content sharing, Clemmie often showcases her love for fashion and travel throughout her social media channels. She also uses the platforms to advertise promotional products; Rachel Jackson London have partnered with Clemmie on a new collection of personalised, collectable charm jewellery. She also takes to Instagram to promote her partnerships with fashion brands such as SuperGa UK and promoting their products online, as well as posting sponsored content by travel companies such as Destinology Holidays. Her husband Simon has also launched a social media profile, Father of Daughters, and the two often collaborate when making family-orientated content and documenting their family travel adventures.

Alongside this, the popular influencer often participates in fashion events such as Bristol Fashion Week Festival where she discusses important issues such as body positivity and health. Her contributions to this cause were donated to the YMCA’s Be Real Campaign that she eagerly advocated for throughout her social media pages. By engaging in midwifery, parenting, fashion, travel and charity work, Clemmie Hooper becomes an ideal influencer for brands from all industries to collaborate or campaign with.

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