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About Vicki Psarias...

Vicki Psarias, also known by her influencer identity Honest Mum, has established an enormous social media presence as a famous lifestyle and parenting blogger. From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, Vicki continues to dominate the digital world as one of the leading parenting influencers on the internet. She is also a best-selling author of her parenting guide book, MumBoss.

Her multi-award winning parenting and lifestyle blog discusses topics such as family life, food and diet, fashion, film, technology, business and travel. As a former TV and film director, Vicki had set up her blog whilst on maternity leave and decided to undertake blogging as a full-time career. Her extensive experience online as well as on television has lead to her celebrity appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, Lorraine, Channel 5 News and SKY News. Her blogging success lead her to becoming Jet2’s very first digital ambassador, establishing benchmarks for future digital content creators.

Aside from providing lifestyle and parenting content on the internet, she actively engages in various campaign promoting charities. On Instagram, she supports both charities and friends in achieving charitable goals, including the organisation So Happy In This Town in their fundraising campaign #itsoktofeelshit, raising £4,000 for mental health causes. In addition to this, she takes pride in collaborating with brands such as California Walnut UK to help promote and endorse a healthy diet and lifestyle. By collaborating with the brand, Vicki educates her followers about the health benefits of California Walnut UK’s snacks and products, making herself an appealing influencer for lifestyle, fitness and diet fans.

Although YouTube isn’t her dominant platform, Vicki has taken to video content creation as an additional form of marketing and spreading information. Here, she expands her interests into providing beauty and haircare tips for the general public, as well as posting clips of her public discourse on television programmes such as her debate on NHS adverts on the BBC as well as topics such as mental health. In this way, she becomes not only a well-rounded influencer within the lifestyle industry but also a successful advocate for socio-political issues and ideas.

Her paid partnership with Exemplar Education has allowed her to promote the organisation whilst raising awareness for online home tuition platforms for children with learning disabilities. She extends her collaborative projects as further partnerships include Nokia Mobile, Skoda and Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

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