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Jack & Jack have become one of the best-loved YouTube comedy duos ever to since they first appeared on the video-sharing platform Vine. Since then, the duo have gone on to achieve a rewarding career as a musical act, having worked with many of the biggest names in modern music.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky found their way onto Vine in 2013. They soon began to post a mix of comedy content, introducing themselves to the world with their I Never Miss series. Further content soon followed, and the duo achieved their first big break when they released their Nerd Vandals video.

The video proved to be a turning point in their career, and they soon received attention from The Huffington Post. Before long, their follower count grew into the tens of thousands, spurring them on to achieve further success. They continued to make a name for themselves with their trademark six-second covers of popular songs, as well as their When This Song Comes On series. Jack & Jack’s comedic ventures soon also saw them branch into other areas of comedy, leading them to sporadically adopt their hilarious alter-egos Winston and Eric.

The duo’s entertaining antics have played a crucial role in leading them to where they are today. As some of the most popular social media influencers around today, Jack & Jack have built up a considerable following across several social platforms. With a combined following that totals more than 5 million followers, Jack & Jack enjoy considerable influence in the digital sphere.

Jack & Jack’s musical career has enjoyed equal popularity. They released their first original song Distance back in 2014, releasing a string of singles in the years that followed. They have collaborated with several of the biggest names in the music business, including the likes of Steve Aoki and Emblem3. Furthermore, they’ve also worked with pop icon Shawn Mendes, who himself rose to fame following his success on Vine.

With an immense following behind them, Jack & Jack are the perfect choice for influencer marketing campaigns. Their reputation as social media stars and popular musicians means they are ideally suited as music influencers, helping to strengthen awareness of all manner of exciting brands.

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