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AmazingPhil, otherwise known as Phil Lester, is a famous British YouTuber who has been paving the way for YouTubers since 2006. His collaborations with Dan Howell have seen the pair tour the world with a live show, garnering millions of subscribers and DJing on BBC Radio 1.

Phil was born in Rawtenstall and set up his YouTube channel in 2006. Phil started in the early days of YouTube and is highly regarded as one of the first British YouTube influencers. His videos vary with vlogs, challenges and comedy sketches making up the majority of his work. Phil started working with his best friend and YouTuber Dan Howell a few years later, and the two have been inseparable since. Phil added a second channel to his profile called LessAmazingPhil which soon gained over a million subscribers.

Dan and Phil’s success saw them earn a spot on BBC Radio 1. They had occasionally done work for the radio station before. They were offered a full-time position presenting the Sunday night entertainment. Their show saw them incorporate much of their YouTube personas as it was designed to be an audio-visual broadcast with interactive segments. The show included music videos made by the viewers and other bits and was available on radio and the BBC website. The pair then moved to BBC Radio 1’s show The Internet Takeover.

Phil has also dabbled in writing with a book entitled The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. Co-written with Dan Howell, the book topped the Sunday Times Bestseller list and reached the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. Their successful tour prompted a live show and the pair travelled around the country astounding audiences with their theatrical show, The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire. They have also gone on to tour the United States and appear on popular British television shows such as The Weakest Link.

Phil is a master of social media influence with over 12 years in the digital landscape. His channel is evergreen and continues to grow, making Phil one of the most-successful YouTubers around. Whether you’re looking for a brand ambassador or a collaborator for your next digital marketing campaigns, there are few YouTubers as talented or reliable as Phil.

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