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About Katie…

Katie Snooks is an award-winning blogger and vlogger, specialising in everything from lifestyle, dating, fashion, and beauty. 

Recognised for empowering women around the world, as well as discussing hard-hitting topics and being incredibly honest with her large and loyal following, it is no wonder that Katie has seen such success in her career online. 

Throughout her career, Katie has worked as a presenter for the BBC, a model for L’Oreal and a contributor for Glamour Magazine.  

Now, Katie uses her platform to document many aspects of her life. After suffering with acne for 10 years, Katie now shares updated skincare and beauty routines, as well as encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own skin.  

Also an advocate for body positivity and self-confidence, Katie’s Instagram feed is a breath of fresh air, filled with honest and unfiltered images. On both YouTube and Instagram, Katie discusses everything from relationships, smear tests and sex, as well as sharing fun daily vlogs and snippets of her life at home in London. 

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