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Jeffree Star is without a doubt the biggest modern celebrity ever to have made his name in the digital landscape. An incredibly talented cosmetics creator, makeup artist, beauty influencer, musician, entrepreneur and social media personality, Jeffree enjoys a combined online following of more than 20 million dedicated fans.

Jeffree enjoyed a status as the most followed person on MySpace during the early 2000s, and he continued to build upon his fame on later platforms. During this time, Jeffree began to make his name as a musician, starring alongside such major names as Nicki Minaj and Kesha.

The influencer’s big break came when he became the founder of his own cosmetics brand – Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The brand achieved significant attention on video-sharing platform YouTube, helping Jeffree to establish his name as a social media influencer. Offering product reviews, makeup tutorials, clothing and accessory hauls, lifestyle vlogs, Q&As and much more, Jeffree’s channel soon became the go-to destination for beauty and cosmetics enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. As a result of the channel’s success, Jeffree has amassed more than 11 million followers and 1.1 billion views on YouTube alone.

Since then, Jeffree’s cosmetics brand has truly taken off. Having developed a wide range of beauty products – including the Alien Collection, Liquid Frost highlighters, Velour Liquid lipstick, eyeshadow pallets and an own clothing line – the brand caters to almost every beauty need imaginable. As if that weren’t enough, Jeffree has also developed a fascinating range of accessories. Having initially started as an e-commerce brand, the brand’s popularity has since led to the opening of a physical store situated in Paramus, New Jersey.

As a talented makeup artist, Jeffree has also taken responsibility for make up on the set of several well-known films. He has worked on films such as Pieces of Eight, Turn the Beat Around and What Now. As multi-talented as they come, his abilities have led to him achieving success no matter which field he puts his mind to.

Due to his superstar status, Jeffree has quickly earned a reputation as a valuable partner in influencer marketing campaigns. Offering brands access to a legion of dedicated followers, Jeffree is deserving of his reputation as an authority on all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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