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With a well-loved lifestyle blog, a popular YouTube channel and an online following reaching into the thousands, Sian Westley is an influential figure in the world of vlogging. As her popularity continues to rise, Sian’s continues to become an emerging star within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle world.

Her self-titled lifestyle blog incorporates an array of topics exploring her vision of all things makeup, clothing, food, drink and more. She writes about being ‘different’, styling outfits, shopping on a budget, product reviews and the things we all experience in life. By sharing her opinions and insight on such a broad range of subjects, she allows for her blog to become a multifaceted space for young people to explore.

Covering similar ideas across her YouTube channel, Sian shares videos involving clothing and makeup hauls, reviews, look books and numerous tutorials. She describes herself as ‘a curvy girl who loves experimenting with her hair’ and encourages fans to be ‘different, original and a little bit weird’. Throughout her clothing hauls, she endorses products for plus-sized women and becomes a role model for accommodating her fashion content to all body types and sizes.

Not only is the influencer using the video-sharing platform for delivering top fashion and beauty content to dedicated fans, but she also engages in a variety of collaborative projects with numerous brands and businesses through sponsored videos. Across her channel, she has done clothing hauls, product reviews and more, partnering with the likes of So…? Fragrances, Pink Parcel and Rimmel London. Through sponsored content across her channel, she engages viewers with her honest and informative reviews on each product and brand that she endorses. Her partnerships expand to brands such as Ego, Missy Empire, New Look, Limeyard and more.

As she continues to engage with fans across the online world, Sian is a rising name in the world of social media influencers. As she continues to share her stylistic insight with the digital world and collaborating with nationally acclaimed brands, she remains an ideal micro-influencer to form a long-lasting partnership with.

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