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Twenty First Century Gent is a channel dedicated to men’s lifestyle, fashion, grooming and more. Run by Ben Heath, this blog started out as ‘an outlet for [his] more creative side, attempting to cover all things man’. Alongside fashion and grooming, Ben covers a wide range of topics and shares his experiences and top tips on travelling, cars, technology, food & drink, and more.

Ben exclaims that ‘the voice of the modern gentleman isn’t heard as loudly as our female counterparts’ and for this reason, he is passionate about giving ‘a male perspective on the finer things in life’. Whilst fashion and beauty is commonly misconceived as a feminine concept, Ben breaks these ideas in becoming a male beauty and lifestyle influencer that many people can look up to. Throughout his blog, he writes on topics such as ‘The Perfect Beard Care Routine...’, ‘Shaving Made Easy’, as well as a variety of skincare routine tips and product reviews. Whilst his blog targets a predominantly male audience, his content is no doubt suitable for all ages and genders as he shares content such as dental care, food & drink guides, restaurant reviews, travelling logs and tips.

With over 48k followers on Instagram, Ben uses the platform to post pictures of his newest outfits and looks, seasonal menswear, fashion, lifestyle as well as an array of travelling photos. As he shares his journey with thousands of fans, he is also able to partner with brands and companies whose business goals resonate with his own passions and interests. To date, he has collaborated with Bicester Village, Next, Primark and Grey Goose, as well as taking more active roles in promoting hotel resorts. Due to his diverse interests, he is able to collaborate with more than just one industry and eagerly partners with various brands in both fashion and travel sectors.

Furthermore, Ben has collaborated with brands such as Herbalife in promoting products and endorsing the brand name on both his social media platforms and his blog. In this way, he involves himself in fitness and health and becomes an all-round influencer for many men (and women) to follow.

Alongside promoting Herbalife on his Instagram page, his blog post ‘Building A Body Outside Of The Gym With Herbalife’ outlines the health benefits of the company’s products and the ways in which followers can implement them within their own fitness and health routines. He frequently partakes in health and diet challenges and his blog posts share his personal experience as well as tips for those who want to complete similar challenges. Keeping up with modern health trends, his post ‘A Meat Eater’s Guide To Veganuary’ proves essential to anybody who is willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone and discover the exciting experience of challenging yourself and your body in trying new healthy diets.

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