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Morgan Hudson, better known by his alias Morgz, is a gaming and lifestyle personality with a vast and ever-growing YouTube following.  

Morgz’ FIFA content elevated him to social media stardom. When still a schoolboy, his videos gathered millions of views, his engaging FIFA career playthroughs gripping followers as the series unfolded.  

When the Pokémon Go phenomenon landed in the UK, Morgz captured the national excitement, taking to the outdoors to record his rare catches and Pokémon pursuits in offbeat locations.  

Now, Morgz’ YouTube content is all about prank videos, featuring a broad and ingeniously fresh collection of stunts and challenges.  

Morgz meets every type of prank with new, comedic takes on YouTube classics, such as trying bizarre foods and duping his best friends.  

Morgz’ Instagram followers are treated to his life at home, with his girlfriend and family an increasing presence in his content, joining him in snaps of new challenges or his travels abroad. 

Inspired by his growing interest in streetwear fashions, Morgz launched his own range of MGZ merch, including t-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with the Morgz logo.  

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