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About Dan and Phil Games...

An undisputed dream team that sees two of the best-loved social media influencers join forces, Dan and Phil GAMES has achieved an iconic status among gaming platforms. Made up of YouTube stars Daniel Howell (better known as danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (of AmazingPhil fame), the channel brings two digital celebrities together to discuss the many joys of gaming.

Prior to their involvement with the collaborative channel, both Dan and Phil had already enjoyed significant success on YouTube. To date, Phil has amassed more than 4 million subscribers on his own channel, with Dan boasting another 6 million. Delivering a range of video content centered around comedy, challenges, lifestyle and more, the duo are talented and passionate content creators.

As part of Dan and Phil GAMES, the duo offer entertaining playthroughs and reaction videos, trying their hand at a wide range of well-known games. Some of their most exciting content sees them venture into the world of virtual reality (VR), becoming fully immersed in titles such as Skyrim and Resident Evil 7. The duo's hilarious escapades provide many hours of fun-filled entertainment. In addition, Dan and Phil also regularly turn their attention to the classics, offering exciting play-alongs of games such as Sonic Mania, Crash Bandicoot, Undertale and Mario Kart.

Having racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, it's no surprise that numerous brands have been eager to feature Dan and Phil as part of their influencer marketing campaigns. With many of the games they play enjoying increased recognition within the online community, their work has helped them take their place among the world's most popular gaming influencers.

A testament to the unquestionable power of gaming influencers, Phil and Dan have each shaped their passion for gaming into a rewarding career as YouTube celebrities. Their hilarious antics and loveable personalities have helped them establish a sincere connection with an international fanbase, acting as a trusted partner for gamers from all walks of life. This year, the duo will embark on their very first live tour, Interactive Introverts, providing audiences with an engaging and interactive experience to enjoy. With this in mind, the duo looks set to establish their hold of the influencer world further in the years to come.

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"I think the most exciting thing about the gaming industry right now is how it is exploding in growth because of mobile phones. Literally everyone is a gamer!" - Daniel Howell