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Millie T is a popular social media influencer who first established a following on the video platform YouTube, but has since gained fans from other social media platforms. Alongside 1.2 million subscribers and a staggering 84.8 million views across her YouTube channel, she has acquired more than 225k Instagram followers and 91.9k on Twitter where she updates fans on her personal life. By engaging her fans in her personal life as well as through posting regular content on YouTube, she successfully retains her dedicated following through to her entrepreneurial endeavours.

Specialising in content creation, her videos range from beauty tutorials, product reviews and fashion hauls to comedic challenges, pranks and Q&A videos. Keeping the humour light-hearted, she attracts followers through incorporating entertainment throughout her channel, proving to be a success for her sponsored projects as well as her personal content. Her DIY tutorial videos became popular amongst YouTube audiences as she provides original content ideas such as ‘How To Make Your Own Lip Scrub’ and ‘DIY Decor For Small Rooms’.

Since going viral on YouTube with fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos, brands and companies have used the opportunity to collaborate with the influencer to help develop their business and promote their products. Taking her product promotions to Instagram, Millie collaborates with globally renowned brands such as Hollister Co and SkinnyDip, in several sponsored posts and product reviews. She collaborates with clothing brand Missguided in sharing promotional offers and discount codes to fans on her social media pages whilst showing off her favourite outfits. She also engages in several giveaways for fans for BRND BX and My Mood, encouraging them to support her collaborative projects in a rewarding, customer-engaging way.

She collaborated with PlayStation to work on their brand new digital multiplayer game platform PlayLink, promoting the launch of the project and supporting PlayStation by becoming an active member of the team and a player of their games. She continues to work with internationally acclaimed companies, by doing a collaboration with Sims in a paid promotional YouTube video, ‘I Became My Sim For A Day’.

Following these successful collaborations, Millie has ventured out into the entrepreneurial world by launching her own merchandise website for dedicated fans. Products on the website include casual wear, hoodies, T-shirts and jumpers, as well as practical accessories such as popsockets.

Due to the diversity in her collaboration experience, Millie T is an ideal influencer for endorsing and promoting brands whether it be fashion, beauty or gaming.

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