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About Lydia

Lydia Elise Millen is a lifestyle vlogger and blogger who has quickly become a major influencer in the online world. Her exciting videos follow her life and provide her fans with inspiration and advice on a wide range of matters. Radiating positivity, honesty and charm, Lydia has racked up a huge following on her YouTube channel, blog and social media.

Offering fitness tips and tricks, advice on healthy eating, beauty and workout videos, Lydia is an inspirational presence online. With viewers across the globe, Lydia has now built up a loyal international following.

Having first started In 2012, during her final year of university, Lydia began to establish herself on YouTube in between the writing of her dissertation. Her creativity shone through and she soon realised that she wanted to continue to build a presence online.

With weekly videos on Wednesdays and Sundays, Lydia creates regular content for her fans, and her willingness to give audiences a true reflection of her everyday life has proven particularly popular. Following her life, alongside her husband Ali Gordon and her two adorable but mischievous cats, people find her content refreshing and true.

Sharing her mini-adventures and country life with her viewers, Lydia has joined up with some of the brightest brands in the country. Working with the L'Oreal Beauty Squad, Jaguar Land Rover, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Balmain and many more for product launches and sponsored material, there is no doubting Lydia's traction in the digital sphere.

Lydia's blog is sponsored by PhD Woman, a dietary supplement company and she has worked with the likes of Urban Outfitters and Wildfox on the same platform.

Also a popular Instagram influencer, Lydia has been gifting her viewers regular and inspiring photography from her life and travels. By sharing so many aspects of her life online, she remains an influential figure online and a popular collaboration with many leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Alongside her husband Ali Gordon, Lydia is in the midst of renovating her home.

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