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About Jordan...

Since launching her channel at the beginning of 2014, Jordan Lipscombe has become one of the nation's favourite YouTubers, especially in the lifestyle, beauty and fashion space. Since then, she has continued to expand her pursuits in the digital landscape.

A massive star, with a monumental online following, Jordan has seen off competition in a seemingly congested market due to her engaging personality and videos packed full of fun and exclusivity.

Revealing secrets to her legions of followers, challenging her viewers and herself, providing hairstyling and makeup tutorials, hosting giveaways and going on shopping hauls - all show the varied videos she delivers to appeal to her audience.

Identity is everything on YouTube and Jordan's natural, engaging style has been the catalyst for a host of exciting adventures and videos that she has shared with her followers. Always open with her audience, positive and happy, fans of hers are instantly at ease and can relate to her.

In addition to her likeability and creative content, Jordan provides useful tricks, tips and tutorials to her fans. Her Get Ready With Me videos have been regularly posted and has resulted in her collaborating with a number of leading brands including L'Oreal.

When the beauty brand Sunkissed launched their digital marketing campaign #SunkissedReady in March, they called upon the services of four fashion influencers - one of which was Jordan Lipscombe. The reach of Jordan and her fellow influencers, the cosmetics brand was able to increase sales by an astonishing 300%.

This just offers a taste of Jordan's pulling power as she has been called upon to deliver influencer marketing campaigns for some of the biggest corporations in fashion and beauty.

Giving brands a valuable opportunity to get close to generation Z, the dynamic social media influencer is a superstar defining the fashion and beauty of young women today.

Bold in her fashion choices, Jordan blends chic with street and sophisticated, reflecting the modern woman's desire to dress appropriately depending on the activity they participate in.

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Influencer Partnerships
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