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About Hope...

Born and raised in England, Hope Eve is a popular social media influencer best known for her YouTube channel titled ‘heyitshope’.  

Over the years, Hope has continued to rise in popularity through her various social media platforms, focusing on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related content.  

Hope takes to YouTube to share vlogs, detailing her busy and adventurous lifestyle. From documenting lockdown to showcasing her days on set as a model.  

As well as this, Hope uses her social media platforms as a way to share her passion for the beauty and fashion industries. Regularly uploading clothing hauls and makeup tutorials, and sharing artistic shots showcasing her unique sense of style, Hope is a force to be reckoned with. 

Demonstrating an interest in home décor and interior design, Hope often shares tours of her bedroom as well as sharing fun videos and challenges with friends and family. 

Also popular on TikTok, Hope gets involved with viral dance trends, comedy sketches and creates her very own fashion-related content for viewers of the platform to enjoy.  

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All images used for this profile have been taken from @hey_itshope / Instagram