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Freya Killin

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About Freya…

Renowned for her impeccable sense of style, Freya Killin has well and truly made her mark as a fashion influencer

Since joining Instagram in 2013, Freya has continued to grow in popularity with a following of half a million on the photo-sharing platform alone.  

Taking to Instagram, Freya shares her favourite outfits through a series of seriously stylish OOTD’s. From ultra-glam to casual and cosy, Freya sense of style is incredibly versatile. Sharing detailed high-street hauls, styling videos and providing fans with all they need to know about seasonal trends, it is no surprise that Freya is a leading fashion influencer. 

Documenting her days and busy lifestyle on YouTube with vlogs, catch-up's and Q&A style videos, Freya shares everything from moving home and getting a puppy to first impressions and handbag reviews. 

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