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Fashion Influx is one of the internet’s most popular blogs for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Run by social media influencer Lydia Rose, Fashion Influx incorporates an array of trendy styles into an ultimate guide to fashion, giving readers all the ‘dos’ and ‘don’t’s as well as detailed ‘how-tos’ when creating your own look. The success of this blog has led Lydia to pursue even bigger online endeavours, as she went on to launch a YouTube channel as well as an Instagram page, both of which have accumulated millions of followers in total.

Lydia’s blog isn’t subject to one topic only; from lifestyle posts and travel diaries to fitness guides and mental health tips, the influencer delivers a well-rounded blog that successfully caters to multiple interests. Whilst teaching fashion, style and beauty, Lydia stays aware of current mental health and effectively balances her content with blog posts such as ‘3 Ways To Quickly Boost Body Confidence’. Alongside this, she creates a space within her blog where readers can browse her wardrobe and shop her look, watch tutorials on how to accessorise, and benefit from reviews of her favourite nail and skin products on the market. Lydia also takes to Instagram to post her daily outfits, providing followers with a visual gallery of her day to day streetwear.

Lydia’s popularity lead her to collaborating with Boohoo in launching her very own collection . As part of the collaboration, she hand-picks her favourite items from the website, teaching us how to style each look whether it be evening dresses or casual but chic loungewear. She also takes to social media to endorse leading fashion brands Superdry and Lounge Underwear, providing readers with reviews as well as pictures of co-ordinated outfits of items that she actively promotes.

Lydia’s influence doesn’t halt at fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She runs a subsidiary Instagram account, Interior Influx, where she posts content relating to interior design and home decor. Fashion Influx holds a sub-category page for her interior work, as she documents her life when moving and redecorating her home, giving tips and tricks on how to create a cosy yet chic home.

Lydia’s multi-dimensional blog accommodates people of a wide array of interests as she doesn’t refrain from dividing her focus to other interests. This makes her a valuable partner for effective digital marketing as she can represent any brand within the industries of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, interior and more.

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