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The Wilsons are a family of four, consisting of Nigel, Cherina, and their two children Tiana and Jordon. Together, they run their popular YouTube channel ‘The Wilsons’, which sees them uploading vlog style videos and participating in hilarious pranks and challenges.

It seems a great sense of humour runs in the family, as all four family members love to have fun and mess around in their lighthearted and entertaining YouTube videos. Posting “Try Not To Laugh” and “Never Have I Ever” style videos, the Wilsons create family-friendly content for all to enjoy.

No stranger to fame, Tiana Wilson also has her own separate YouTube channel that she dedicates to uploading equally hilarious and entertaining videos. Some of her most popular videos include her “Back To School” style videos.

The Wilsons are an unstoppable force and are one of the most popular family influencers around, even releasing their own line of merch consisting of clothing, homeware, stationery and lunch boxes. If you’re a fan of The Wilsons, this is great news for you!

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