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Having immersed herself within the celebrity social sphere, Zara McDermott has caught the eye of millions of Love Island fans with her ‘quite serious’ yet ‘fun, spontaneous and energetic’ personality. Before fame, she worked for the government in the department of education for the Civil Service - since, she has explored different career paths and expanded her interests into television and becoming a well-known social media influencer. With 1 million followers and counting, the flawless Instagram icon keeps us on our toes with her fascinating day to day life as a popular lifestyle influencer.

Her establishment within the digital world has enabled her to progress into a career as a YouTuber and popular lifestyle vlogger, sharing the ins and outs of her experience as a Love Island contestant but also providing entertainment to her audience with ‘What’s in My Mouth?’ video challenges. With over 61k subscribers, she expands her presence by sharing makeup tutorials and becoming another beauty influencer of the online world.

Speaking out about body image issues and online cruelty is no doubt a brave step for the internet star, as she continues to tackle the challenges of being a celebrity whilst enabling young audiences to relate to her struggles and speak up against them. An impressive response to an uncomfortable subject, she confidently addresses the stream of negativity found in social media platforms, expressing her desire to work in schools to educate children on the dangers of posting abusive content to prevent the potential ‘footprint [they may] leave behind’.

Zara's brand collaborations include the likes of AX Paris, Abbott Lyon and Iconic London, establishing her status within the fashion and lifestyle sector. Her career as a Youtube influencer seems promising as her loyal 61.5k+ subscribers have contributed to her almost 1.5m views across her first few videos.

Whether it be fashion, fitness, vlogging or beauty - Zara is an adaptable character whose abilities as an influencer will be an asset to any company she may collaborate with.

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Influencer Partnerships
AX Paris

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