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Yewande Biala

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Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, with a First Class Honours degree in Biotechnology from the Athlone Institute of Technology, Yewande Biala brought both brains and good looks to the Love Island 2019 series. However, setting her scholastic dreams aside for a while, she has decided to delve into the world of reality television and entered the villa.

Yewande describes herself as being ‘easy to get along with, funny and caring’. She considers herself quite outspoken and chatty, although admitting that this can at times ‘get [her] into trouble’. Needless to say, with a buoyant personality, a loyal outlook and an outgoing disposition, Yewande charmed millions that tuned in to watch the show.

Expressing her dismay at dating apps following several awkward encounters, the soon-to-be reality figure shares her excitement at the possibility of finding love in the villa through human-to-human interactions instead of behind a screen. Thousands of followers are now anticipating what’s to come during her appearance on the show, and she often takes to Twitter to interact and engage with people’s thoughts and opinions on the upcoming episodes.

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